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Taking care of your event team should always be your top priority, even above taking care of attendees or making sales. Why? Cause when you take care your team, they will do everything else for you. This week, we share all about how to lead meetings, pacing yourself to avoid burnout and conducting customer service like Bill Gates.

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Of course, you still need to do some of the work yourself. You need to know how to interview venue providers, craft a compelling story for your event, and even create an event planning checklist they can follow. We also have a few tips for those. So without further ado…

Things You Should Be Asking Your Venue Providers

Asking the right questions is important if you want to pick the best possible location for your next event. Always ask how the venue will help you achieve your goals for this event. Inquire how the place can attract event attendees to connect as well as the technology available for use.

The Food Startup That’s Turning Heads

Liz Curtis started a unique business: shipping table set-ups. Yes, her business Table + Teaspoon is a startup that delivers table decorations and set-ups for customers’ dinner parties. After only a year, her simple business is growing and catching a lot of attention. The most amazing part? She is showing how anyone with a vision can turn it into reality.

Here’s How You Should Be Starting That Meeting

How you start your meeting says a lot about your leadership skills. Begin with a clear purpose and be sure everyone knows how they can contribute to the discussion. As you go through the agenda, be specific so everyone understands what your objective is for that point. Also, you’ll want to curb people’s issues and instead have them bring those up at the end of the meeting instead of during. You’ll soon have a more peaceful and productive meeting if you know how to start it right.

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Facebook is Migrating to the Travel Ecosystem

Google Trips is about to get some competition. Social media giant Facebook has recently launched a City Guides feature in its app. This lets users view interesting places and events around the world, whether they search for it or their friends have recently checked in. To top it off, they also can start booking hotel and restaurant reservations right from the app.

Storytelling Formulas You Should Use in Your Social Media Marketing

Everybody loves a good story. Big brands tell them all the time. And if you’re wracking your brain for a good plot, don’t worry. Here are some storytelling formulas to help you get started so you can fuel amazing copy for your next campaign. You’ll find many that many of these story templates present a problem that your business can help people solve. Make the most of these stories and see which one is the best for your brand.

Event Facebook Page MistakesWhy You Should Focus Your Marketing on Facebook

With all the amazing insights you can get doing business on Facebook, there’s no arguing that the tech giant remains to be one of the most effective ways to advertise. The social media platform gives you the ability to choose a target audience and so you can spread brand awareness at minimum cost. Not to mention that Facebook Live, chatbots, and other cool functions will surely get your business growing and going, especially to the right people. Dive in for more reasons why Facebook should be your focus for marketing this year.

How Social Media is Changing Tourism Marketing

Social media has forever changed the way we market tourists spots. Not only do people put a lot of trust in reviews, they also share more pictures and videos now more than ever. All that amounts to free marketing. Customer service, loyalty programs, and even travel agencies have been evolving because of social media, giving customers better experiences and service. If you’re into travel, how is social media changing your experiences.

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Overcoming the Dreaded Employee Burnout

Burnout happens when employees feel resentment towards their jobs. To overcome it is pretty simple. First, don’t neglect taking care of yourself, from hygiene to meals to exercise. Second, schedule time to do things that you love doing. Lastly, though a little strange, add something new to your already-packed schedule to help you recharge for the next day. With these three tips, you might just be able to combat burnout as well as teach the people under you to do the same.

A CEO’s Piece of Advice Anyone Can Use To Be More Productive

CEO of Charity: Water, Scott Harrison, is living an interesting life. He’s moving from New York all the way to Africa to start a clean water advocacy. He has a busy work-life schedule but keeps everything balanced. His secret? Write things down so he doesn’t ever forget. Seems simple enough. It might be that new habit you need to unlock your personal productivity.

What We Can Learn From Bill Gates Taking a Customer Service Call

There’s a famous story in Microsoft that goes like this: Bill Gates once took a tech support call from a customer. He did such a great job that the customer called again and asked for him specifically. You might wonder why such a big-shot CEO like Gates would take the time to do tech support. The answer is because he genuinely cares about his company. It turns out that doing customer support shows you a lot about the comings and goings of your company. And if Bill Gates did it, why can’t we?



If you’re a CEO, or planning to be one, it’s important to know how to model the right behaviors to your event team. Like Bill Gates, you can show your team rather than telling them about your commitment to customer service. Or like Scott Harrison, you can be an example of how a focused and productive leader looks like. How about you, how do you model the right business behaviors to your staff?

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