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Event planning can be an arduous process, whether planning a large-scale event for thousands of people or a smaller scale event for a select number of attendees. With all of the time consuming pieces involved and difficulty coordinating busy schedules with different clients, it may seem easy to put off meeting in person and conducting a venue walkthrough before planning the production of the event. By taking the time to conduct a pre-event venue walkthrough with your client, you will be able to tackle the event with a foresight that is impossible to have without an initial walkthrough.

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Size Restrictions

When it comes to production, being able to scour your venue and check measurements is critical to assure that what you are planning to set up in terms of lighting, sound, staging, and decoration, will indeed fit in the locations you are intending. This goes double for venues that you haven’t been in before. Every person who has ever taken on the task of planning an event has been in a situation where they planned on having “speakers set here”, or “lights set there”, and when they arrive, the pieces don’t fit in their intended positions. Bringing along a tape measure on your walkthrough will allow you to check the length, depth, and height of locations around the venue to ensure your production pieces aren’t running into walls, scraping ceilings, or blocking doorways.

Flow of Traffic

The flow of traffic at your events can also greatly affect the setup of different hot spots throughout the venue, how cable is run, and more. It makes sense to avoid covering up doorways and set channels of foot traffic, but by taking a walkthrough of the venue beforehand, you can see that there may be certain area that will clog up with people once the event starts. People are always attracted to food, a stage, the bar, and other highly sociable areas. Actually walking between these and seeing just how big the popular areas are and how wide the walkways are between them will give you the best insight on how the flow of traffic will be at the actual event. Noting this early on can allow you to make adjustments to your layout, change how you run cable to avoid tripping hazards, and/or enlarge the areas that may get congested with attendees.

Expand Creativity

Exploring your venue can lead to a wealth of creative ideas of how to utilize production to make your event stand out as extraordinary in a sea of similar events. Seeing the size restrictions and flow of the venue will help prevent problems from occurring, but actually seeing the venue and feeling its vibe and unique qualities will allow you to tailor the production to that venue specifically.

Now that you have a deep understanding of your venue, you can go forward with confidence knowing that you will put on a creative, fitting, and safe event that your attendees will remember for the rest of their lives.

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