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Powerful Tools for Event Professionals, The Hidden Treasures of Dropbox & How to Effectively Collect and Use the Feedback about Your Event [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Are you eager to find out more powerful tools for event professionals? Do you want to experiment with innovative ideas to enhance your marketing results? Check out this week’s articles, where we let you know about a must-have Gmail add-on, show you all about Dropbox features and encourage you to check out Marketing Stack for learning to become a better marketing professional.

science-of-sharingWhat is the Science Behind Sharing?

We can all agree that sharing is not something invented by the social media phenomenon though this has certainly amplified it. In a hyper-connected world where sharing has become the default, Bryan Kramer’s book called Shareology brings an interesting scientific angle to the subject. In his book, he talks about the evolution of sharing, with an interesting perspective of the future when computers will be capable of massively sharing information in a short amount of time and in a non-distinguishable human manner. The book is a well-documented study of how, what, when, where and why people and brands share and also provides a formula for successful sharing. Listen to the interview with Bryan Kramer and find out more about the science behind sharing!

mixmax-gmail-add-onPowerful Tools for Event Professionals

As professionals always in need of more time, we are very excited about Mixmax, a Gmail add-on that saves us a great deal of time when using email. The add-on brings so many useful features you would never want to go back to the old way of doing things. You can easily track emails and see who has opened them and when. You can also create templates and use them whenever you need to send a standard email. At the same time, with the instant scheduling feature, this add-on makes setting up one-on-one meetings straightforward cutting out the usual back and forth we all dislike so much. Last, but not least, with Mixmax you can also schedule emails to be sent later if you need to. All these features secure Mixmax a well deserved place in the list of powerful tools for event professionals. Check out more details about this incredibly useful add-on!

marketing_resourcesUseful Resources for Ambitious Marketing Professionals

Whether you’re thinking inbound marketing, analytics, social media management, content marketing or just about anything marketers are interested in, you now have access to one of the most useful and complete marketing directories ever. It’s called Marketing Stack and it’s an incredible source of learning and inspiration for becoming a better marketing professional. Check out this resourceful directory for taking your marketing to the next level!

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junk-mailWhy You Should Give Junk Mail a Chance

When we’re promoting an offer on our landing pages, we are aiming for an immediate action from our visitors. We are employing direct response techniques that push for an instant purchase or download. In our attempt to perfect our copy, it may be worthwhile to have a look at some of the most appealing commercial letters people received in their mail over time. In this sense, the advertisements we receive by mail can be of valuable inspiration in writing effective copy, even though most of us classify them as junk at the very first sight. Take a look at some of the letters that made history and learn powerful copy techniques from them!

dropbox-tipsThe Hidden Treasures of Dropbox

Dropbox is much more than just an alternative to Google Drive. By integrating with different apps, your possibilities when using this cloud storage service expand considerably. You can backup your Android mobile devices or your WordPress blog for free. You can transfer large files when an email attachment is not enough, or you can save email attachments directly into your Dropbox. Believe it or not, you can even host a website from your Dropbox. Check out all the useful features Dropbox has in store for you so you can quickly and safely organize all your files!

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boost-event-salesHow to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Event

It’s a sign of success when your event has many attendees. Every planner wishes that and works hard towards that goal. Selling seats for an event can be difficult, especially when you’re time-constrained, but with determination and focus on a few effective tactics it can be carried out successfully. For starters, you need to start selling the tickets as early as you can and have an attractive pricing strategy for early birds or exclusive members. You can also get creative and have promotions such as contests where one can win tickets as a prize or you can use the tickets as part of a loyalty program. Always make the tickets seem like they’re selling quickly, so you send out a sense of urgency and push towards the purchase. Keep on reading to find out effective tactics for selling your event tickets fast!


How to Effectively Collect and Use the Feedback about Your Event

With every new edition, attendee-oriented event planners aim to improve the event experience. The most important event changes are dictated by the feedback received from participants. Whether the staff asks directly for their feedback or a post-event survey is employed, collecting feedback and impressions is a necessary step in the evolution of each event. Especially open-ended questions are of interest because it’s with this type of questions that people are speaking their mind. Be careful though that your goal here would be to identify relevant trends in their answers, not pay attention to a single eye-catching comment. Here is the 4-step process of collecting feedback from set-up to follow-through!

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young-bossesHow to Interact with Your Younger Boss the Right Way

It may be hard to accept, but it’s a known fact that a lot of older workers are now reporting to a younger boss. For superior-subordinate relationships to function smoothly despite the age considerations, there are lessons older employees should learn, vanities left aside. Age shouldn’t work as the default mechanism for demanding respect. In today’s business world, the rules are made by those who bring accomplishments and results. The times of age-based hierarchies are long gone! Check out what human resources and career consultants advise older employees to do when interacting with their younger manager!

linkedin-profileWhat Eventprofs Should Do for a Successful LinkedIn Profile

If you’re an event planner looking to get new clients or build a strong personal brand, then working on a powerful LinkedIn profile is an absolute must! Begin with a clearly defined skill-based headline and use the 2000 character space to fill in a remarkable summary written in the 1st person singular. When doing this, keep in mind that it’s best to dwell on your accomplishments and the impact they had from a business point of view. Don’t shy away from proving your greatest skills and expertise by uploading relevant media to your profile. Take advantage of your endorsements and also share updates and industry news that could help you become a leader in your LinkedIn community and beyond. Check out this step-by-step process of building yourself an attractive LinkedIn profile that will make people want to learn more about you!

youtube-marketing-analyticsHow to Track the Performance of YouTube Campaigns

If you’re a company that publishes YouTube videos for raising brand awareness or increasing sales, then tracking your video marketing performance is a must! By employing specific analytics, you’ll be able to see who’s viewing your videos, how much time they spend watching them and from where they are watching. By using the available YouTube analytics, you can monitor the demographics of your audience, see the traffic sources and check out the impact of embedding your YouTube videos on social media, blogs or other external websites. Further into the process, you need to use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors coming to your website from YouTube and see what conversion rates you reach. You can also find out how YouTube compares to other social channels in terms of driving visits and engagement to your website. Here is all you need to know to effectively track the success of your YouTube campaign.

How do you find YouTube compared to other social channels for promoting events? What are the best tips in using this platform? Also, if you know other powerful tools for event professionals, please share them with us.

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