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Powerful Tips to Strengthen Your Visual Marketing, Why Less is More When It Comes to Email Design & How Snapchat Can Help Your Marketing in a Snap [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Do you use Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat for promoting your events? Pay attention as this week we reveal the best tips to strengthen your visual marketing on these social channels specifically. Unlike social media where visuals are the key elements, you should start creating emails with simplicity in mind. Leave out the images and complex templates and focus all your energy on writing the perfect copy. It turns out people like to read plain-text emails. Take a look at the articles below to learn more!

pinterest-instagram-marketingPowerful Tips to Strengthen Your Visual Marketing

With an ever-growing base of users, Pinterest and Instagram are two social networks grabbing everyone’s attention. Marketers should no longer postpone taking advantage of the visual power they enable and start complementing their social campaigns with pins and instagrams. When used right, visually appealing pictures are accompanied by interesting thoughts expressed in clear keywords and complemented with irresistible calls-to-action. Check out some powerful tips on Pinterest and Instagram marketing to build stronger ties with your audience!

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plain-text-vs-html-emailsWhy Less is More When It Comes to Email Design

Email marketing is all about getting your audience to open your emails and click on the links you provided. We normally try to make the subject line more appealing and the design more attractive to improve on these two essential metrics. It turns out, however, that despite the general conception that design matters considerably in determining whether your email will be successful or not, plain-text emails actually perform better in terms of clicks and clickthroughs. On one hand, it’s the filters email providers activate to secure their users’ inbox from emails interpreted as promotional or spam. The emails that get filtered are usually the HTML type. On the other hand, a simple plain copy works way better than a beautifully designed email because people expect a more personal approach by email. Read about all the facts pointing out to a clear victory of plain-text emails against HTML-based ones!

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social-media-event-promotionHow to Get More Shares on Social with Your Event

Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are leading the way in the latest visual-centric social media trends. You now have the technology on your side to make your events widely known and it would be a waste if you don’t put to good use all the known tips to strengthen your visual marketing. Studies have shown that people tend to share the most either their selfies or the food/ drinks they are having. These patterns could be explored by having a selfie station at the event or by identifying a few creative spots at the venue perfect for taking a selfie. When posting their pictures people would also share the event’s hashtag so in the end it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved. Another idea of putting shareability into practice would be to organize contests across social media where each entry is clearly marked by mentioning the event’s hashtag. Take a look at even more interesting ideas of how you can promote your event in the social space in a fun way!

happiness_at_workWhy Happiness in the Workplace Does Not Make Us Better Employees

It’s a widely spread notion that happy employees are better employees. As a result, many corporations are willing to spend huge amounts of money on happiness programs for their people. However popular this concept may be, there are also studies that show exactly the opposite, that, in fact, there’s no correlation between happiness and accomplishments/ productivity in the workplace. If one expects his job to bring meaning to his life, then not having a fulfilling job or not having a job at all may set him into a negative, or even dangerous frame of mind. Also, actively pursuing happiness at work can become tiring as we regard it as a constant duty and fail to enjoy the overall experience because we may encounter minor setbacks along the way. Here are several myths debunked about happiness in the workplace and why it’s best to have a more sober attitude!

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Twitter_productivity_tools5 Tools to Help You Become Super Productive on Twitter

In case managing your Twitter account is getting more and more time-consuming, you should consider some tools that will automate many of your activities here. For example, you can easily schedule content to go out at specific times or with specific frequencies. Knowing how important it is to have appealing visuals on social, you now can effortlessly create nice images with text overlays by using a free tool called Spruce. ManageFlitter is another useful tool that provides easy access to information about the users that are not following back, have no profile image, are inactive, fake, or that are influence or muted users. It’s useful in the way that it helps you avoid meaningless connections, that don’t offer any benefit in return. Here are more tools that can help you become an efficient Twitter machine!

snapchat-marketingHow Snapchat Can Help Your Marketing in a Snap

With 700 million photos and videos shared every day, Snapchat is seriously challenging Facebook’s and Twitter’s supremacy in social media. Marketers out there can integrate Snapchat into their communication strategy by taking advantage of its self-destruct feature, the one thing that sets it apart from the rest of the social networks. What’s special about Snapchat is that the videos and pictures disappear soon after they’re shared. The short lifespan of this content makes Snapchat a great tool for sharing offers and coupons that implicitly come with limited availability. The same fear of missing out could easily extend to product previews or behind-the-scenes footage and photos, which are meant to be seen only by the privileged ones. Check out a few successful Snapchat campaigns and how you can also use this channel to promote your business!

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business_audiobooksBusiness Audiobooks You Need to Listen To

For the business people out there interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding in business related areas, but don’t have the time to read, there is the alternative of listening to business audiobooks! While driving, doing sport or walking, you can learn about things that interest you such as improving your public speaking skills, becoming a good negotiator, creating a creative company culture or making better decisions. Check out an interesting selection of some of the most intriguing audiobooks that challenge us, inform us and even entertain us!

how-to-look-professionalHow to Behave Like a True Professional

Being professional or not says a lot about you as a person and your career’s success highly depends on it. Acting with confidence in a situation you know you have the skills for is always appreciated. Delivering on what you’ve promised is something a good professional consistently does. Caring for people’s needs and showing your availability to help is also part of being professional. These are just some of the principles good professionals try to follow and make them into habits. Here’s how you can be a better professional or a better human for that matter!

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heatmaps_hotjarHow to Effectively Improve the User Experience on Your Website

Would you like to know how your visitors perceive your website? Would you like to find out ways to improve their experience online? Regardless of the device they visit from, with Hotjar you’ll have access to everything you need to know about your visitors’ online behavior. Where do they click/ tap, where are they dropping off, how much does it take for them to fill in a specific form? These are just some of the questions that Hotjar has an answer for. With the same purpose of improving the user experience online, it also facilitates feedback collection either through easy-to-build polls or surveys that can be made accessible anywhere on the website. Also, Hotjar makes it easy to recruit testers for improving your website in all aspects including navigation, copy and design. Check out more details about Hotjar, a wonder tool for analysts, digital marketers and user experience designers!

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how-to-effectively-use-visual-storytellingHow Using Beautiful Visuals Makes Your Content More Powerful

Visuals have the power to increase any content’s shareability and conversion rate. When associated with a story, they make a greater impact on your audience than by using words alone. The numbers speak for themselves: 10% recall with words-only articles goes up to 65% when adding visuals to the story. In a time of countless distractions when navigating online, visuals are a reliable attention-grabber. You can add different sorts of visuals beyond the usual pictures. Videos, memes, infographics or user-generated photos are adding a good vibe to your content, making it remarkable. Check out a perfectly illustrated example of how using visuals transforms your content and makes it more likeable and shareable. Plus some very good tips on how to maximize the effects of visuals!

What other tips to strengthen your visual marketing do you think would work? What specific tips would you add for Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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