Think about how many bad first dates you’ve been on.  One?  Five?  Fifty?  Now think about how many bad posts and updates litter your Facebook newsfeed.  Hundreds, right?

Social Media Word CloudIn a way, social media for event promotion is very much like dating.  For every good date, there can be tens of bad dates in between.  In the social media world, all it takes is one bad first date—a horrible photo, a supposed-to-be-humorous post gone wrong, a boring article link—and you’ve lost your audience.  The question remains, how can you balance the delicate relationship that exists between social media and event promotion?  How can you secure a second, third, or even fourth date with your audience?

Social media for event promotion requires a little TLC.  Not the same kind of TLC that you might bust out on your dates, but TLC nonetheless.  Here’s how you can play the social media and event promotion dating game.

First impressions are everything.

Social Media Web of ConnectivityAttraction is a key ingredient in sparking love at first sight.  But how can we be attracted to your event on social media?  If you have a Twitter account for your event promotion, and your photo is the standard egg photo, guess what?  You’ve just lost me.  Gone are the “I find a little mystery to be so attractive” days, and instead we’re in the “if you don’t tell me exactly who you are in the next three seconds, I won’t bother giving you the time of day” days.  With all the garbage that litters social media now, if you can’t separate and clearly identify your event with a profile photo and username that says exactly what you are, then you can kiss your followers goodbye.

In any successful relationship, communication is king.

If you can’t convey an interesting message or carry on an interesting conversation that stimulates some back-and-forth between you and your followers, who wants to date you?  Communication is a two-way street, so in your posts and updates, ask questions!  Not just any questions, though.  You need to ask questions that both relate to your event and that you would actually spend the time to answer yourself.  Make them interesting, fun, and trivial—ones that are easy to answer, yet spark creative and fun responses.  Social media is meant to be interactive, not authoritarian.

Courting is not a dying art.

If you post nothing but event updates like, “We printed out our event flyers today!” to your Facebook profile, no one will “date” you.  Where’s the effort?  Where’s the romance and flowers?  You’ve got to court your followers with posts and updates that are attention grabbing and worth reading.  Give them some humor, inform them of something interesting, educate them on something they didn’t already know.  Otherwise, there is a very good chance you’ll be living out your days all alone in an old, Victorian-style house with peeling pink paint, surround by an overgrown, weedy garden full of all the neighborhood children’s baseballs and footballs that they were too scared to retrieve…all because you couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to your event on social media.

There’s no such thing as the three-day rule.  Pick up the phone and call already!

Let’s say you have a really great first date, but then you don’t call for a week.  That’s like setting up a really great Facebook profile and then doing absolutely nothing with it.  If that’s the case, why would you get upset when people refuse to ”Like” you or worse yet, when they ”Unlike” you?  What are they there to see or learn?  Certainly, they can find your event information elsewhere, if they are still interested in your event in the first place.  “Likes” are precious, and people don’t give them to just any profile.  You’ve got to earn them by giving readers something juicy at least once a day.

Make yourself available.

Hiding in your parent’s basement isn’t the place you’re going to meet the love(s) of your life.  You’re not getting any social media friends or followers by concealing your accounts or your profiles.  Make your presence known and easily searched by using hashtags on Twitter and keywords on Facebook.  Use the same techniques to find people interested in things similar to your event.  Follow people that you think relate to your event.  Common etiquette says they will follow you back, and BOOM!  You’ve got yourself a first date.

Ok, so social media and event promotion isn’t the exact same thing as dating, but it’s certainly an accurate enough analogy.  When you date someone, one sour move could ruin all of your hard work.  Don’t be that person!  You’re the one playing the social media and event promotion game.  Don’t let the game play you.

nuphoriq team

Together- Jamie Pritscher, Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer, and  Molly Meyer, Creative Director, make up the nuphoriq social media team.   Nuphoriq, based in Chicago, is a creative marketing agency that specializes in edgy, effective, intelligent marketing for small to medium sized businesses everywhere. They manage social media for clients across the U.S. including: Inc. Magazine Events, Tasty Catering, Nibblers Catering and more.  Be sure to fan & follow @nuphoriq for all the latest marketing & social media news.

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