When planning an event, problems are unavoidable. You might have everything happen according to plan and still hit a few (hopefully minor) snags here and there. The key to solving these problems, and even avoiding most of them, is preparation.

With that, here are a few articles that will help you deal with a few common problems in your events. Read on to learn how to deal with last-minute sign-ups, plan for contingencies, and how to handle logistics and traffic during your event.

We also cooked up a webinar to help you avoid event disasters, especially when it comes to AV production.

Avoid Last-Minute Registrations With These Techniques

Are you still using early-bird discounts to avoid the headache of last-minute registrations? You might have noticed that this trick no longer works as well as it once did. With a vast array of events to choose from, attendees are registering later than ever. But that hasn’t stopped us from looking for an effective solution to the last-minute registration problem. One such solution could be to impose a sort of penalty for late registration. You can also provide rare incentives such as autographed merchandise for early registrants. Of course, make sure to hedge your bets and try as many techniques as possible.

Solving Problems on the Spot: a Guide for Event Professionals

What do you do if something goes wrong in the middle of an event? Sometimes there’s no easy solution to the problem, especially when the pressure to perform is at a peak. To get past this, preparation is key. Understand which issues need immediate attention and which ones can be delegated to others. Of course, it’s also important to gain a complete understanding of all the essential work you need to do. Then, create contingencies for potential issues as best you can. With patience, creativity, and smooth teamwork, no problem is too big to solve, even on the spot.

Planning Traffic for Large Events

Large-scale events are amazing when properly executed. What most people don’t see is how much work goes behind each of these spectacles. One of the biggest issues behind large-scale events is how to ensure everyone can move around freely. Make sure that everyone who has a stake in the event, from local government to various groups and agencies, have a good level of coordination. Every traffic scheme and detail needs documenting and approval from all parties, most preferably in a visual format. This way, it’s easier for everyone to see the whole picture and coordination becomes a breeze.

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The Future of B2B Events in the Eyes of the Experts

B2B events have long been a great tool for networking. And like every other event marketing technique, it’s important to keep improving to stay on top of the game. Experts say that the future of B2B lies in how professionals can personalize these events. As data collection and analysis gets better, the numbers can also be used to target event audiences more accurately. Of course, it’s also important to set your event apart by how different and innovative you can be from the rest. Read more expert insights in the article above.

Looking Forward: Trends That Will Peak in 2018

As we edge closer and closer to a new year, it’s time to look at upcoming trends that will have the most impact in 2018. Ephemeral content, previously mastered by Snapchat, has proven to be the best in engagement. Combine this with personalized content, and your event will be ablaze among millennials. AI is still on the scene in the form of chatbots, interactive advertising, and image recognition. Stay ahead of the coming year by reading up on these trends and more.

How to Use Email Signatures to Increase Conversions

The humble email signature doesn’t get the attention it deserves. After all, you just place your name and contact info there, right? However, in a skilled event marketer’s hand, an email signature is an amazing way to promote upcoming events. You can also use it as an opportunity to promote a report or study and showcase your mastery of your field. It’s also a subtle but powerful way to advertise webinars and future discounts for your products. Learn more how you can use your email signature to its fullest with this article.

Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement With These Tips

To get more engagement on your Facebook Page, you just need to post more, right? Not so. According to a study by Buffer, posting less is an even better strategy. Concentrate on quality, not quantity, to get engagement, since the latter just spams your followers’ walls. It’s also important to create Facebook-specific content at specific times, so you hit your target market when they are online. And if you can, invest in live videos to gain as much engagement as possible.

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Gain Insight on Your Competitors With These Tools

Ever wondered what business tricks your competitors are using to get an edge? Here are some tools that let you learn more about your competition. One video comparison tool by MWP, for example, allows you to look into the analytics of any YouTube video. As for social media, discover their strategies via Klear’s social-listening tool. Sometimes the platform itself hands you the data, such as through Facebook’s Insights and Snapchat’s Snaplytics. Just make sure to know that they can also use the same tools to peek at your strategies!

Focus Your Energy When You Need It Most

All event professionals go through a phase when you have to endure long stretches of demanding work. It’s not easy and it creates a lot of stress. How do you push yourself to full productivity during these times? First, it’s important to take stock of the situation and to keep your emotions in check by recognizing and labeling them. Communicating often with your “support system” is also an important factor. And of course, don’t forget to give yourself some leeway when you work.

Work From Home Without Worries

Working from home can be a challenge. For one, you have to make sure to stay professional even when at home. You can do this by making sure that you dress up for your day. Don’t let working alone stop you from chatting with your co-workers and try going out from time to time. Of course, prepare for (inevitable) home-related distractions while you work!



Today we learned that email signatures can be quite powerful. Sometimes we forget how such a small space in our messages can be used to powerful effect with the right techniques.

How do you use your email signature to increase leads and sales?

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