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Pixal Paint – transforming your ideas into digital ink

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Pixal PaintPixal Paint allows you to literally paint digital pixels with invisible light. Pixal Paint uses a rear projection screen and custom paint program to create life size art. A customizable user interface is provided that enables the user to work with the digital paint in a wide palette of paint colors, brush shapes, line size, and more. Images can be loaded as a background so users can easily paint like a coloring page, or allows for custom branding with logos or themes. After the user creates their art they can print a copy onsite or save it to the computer. The system allows young and old to bring out their creative side and is very easy to use. You have never seen anything like this before!

Pixal Paint is perfect for any event; large to small the screen size can be as small as a 5×7 to a giant 10×30.

Pixal Paint custom branding

Pixal Paint is perfect for:

  • Graduations
  • Sweet 16s
  • Prom
  • Corporate Events
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Weddings
  • Product promotional events
  • Trade shows

Some of our favorite features:

Photo Upload: Pixal Paint’s newest feature allows guest to take a picture of themselves and load it onto the screen. They then can add to the photo with their creativity and humor to bring the photo to life!

Pixal Paint drawing on photos

Facebook Upload: Allows the client to directly upload any pictures created on Pixal Paint straight to their personal or business Facebook page.

Branding: Brand the screen with logo’s, the print out has a side bar for event name, date, etc. The cans can be customized for the event with images or photos.

Beth Watson currently lives in Mesa Arizona with her husband and 2 wonderful children. Her all time favorite client’s at Pixal Paint shows are the ones who are to embarrassed to draw and with a little push and encouragement she gets to see their face light up when they finally let go and let their creative freedom flow. She manages clients all over the United States and World Wide and is always dreaming up the next big idea for the entertainment industry.

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