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Before you plan for an event, you first need to get stakeholders on board. That means you need to craft an (almost) perfect event proposal if you want approval. Luckily, we’ve got a guide to help you do just that.

And once it’s approved and ready to go, you need to get all the organizational help you can get. That includes knowing what event tech to use, how to properly check-in attendees and marketing your event so it stands out.

If all this planning is making you dizzy, it’s best you use our free event planning checklist to guide your way.

The Six Event Conferences You Need to Keep in Your Calendar

There are literally dozens of industry-related conferences that happen every year, and it’s impossible to track them all. But if you are looking for must-go-to ones, we have six events to start you off. This June, there’s the MPI World Education Congress and the Haute Dokimazo, the latter of which is a completely different experience limited only to 100 attendees. There’s also the CEMA Summit, ILEA Live, IMEX America, and SPINCon later this year. These events cover different sections of the industry, and taking part in all of them ensures the broadening of your events knowledge.


Nab That Client with Your Event Proposal

One of the top problems of an events professional is getting clients. Aside from a sterling track record, having a good proposal also helps a lot in this regard. Here, you present your vision of the event along with specifics such as the target budget and goals. This guide helps you craft the perfect proposal that will surely catch the client’s attention, from the format to the details. And here’s a quick tip: instead of writing down the grand total, give a break down of all the items instead.


Translating Emerging Tech To Live Events

The AV Life podcast covers everything trending in the industry for your AV needs and so much more. In this past episode, our very own Will Curran joins their hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, Brittney Lanni (their amazing new live events host) to talk about emerging technologies in the event industry, along with creating and augmenting live event experiences. The episode touches on everything from live events and emerging tech, young people in tech, and InfoComm 2018’s Center Stage! With a panel of industry experts and hosts with a vast knowledge of the industry, you do not want to miss this!


Check-In Tip for a Headache-Free Event

it’s important to make your check-in process as impressive as possible. The first step is to make it personal. Send the check-in details via email and ditch the paper. Use an integrated platform that manages all your registration tasks at once. Make sure to keep the flow simple yet interesting, going for self-help whenever possible. And of course, make sure your staff is trained to give a five-star check-in experience, setting the right tone for the process. Remember, your brand image hinges on this part of the event!

Make sure your staff is trained to give a five-star check-in experience. Click To Tweet


Not Yet Sold on Event Tech? Here’s What You’re Missing

While event tech can be the saving grace of many a professional, there are still those who consider it a recipe for disaster. After all, mismanaged technology is sure to cause migraines. But is that a legitimate reason to skimp on event tech? In fact, technology is getting friendlier and more intuitive, not to mention smarter. By allowing you to automate and keep all the data in one place, you can spend less time on manual work. There are also lots of features you can use to gain valuable insights.


What Changed Under GDPR?

We’re almost at the May 25 deadline of the GDPR. But the debate continues whether “consent” or “legitimate interests” can be best used by event marketers when finding a basis to contact those on their mailing lists. However, consent also brings with it some new dimensions, including the invalidity of pre-ticked boxes as indications of consent. On top of that, there are confusing aspects of consent that have to be straightened out. Not doing so can leave you trapped and unable to use any of the other five legal bases that could allow you to process personal data. Get more information on the various details surrounding GDPR and its implications through this handy guide.


B2B and the Women’s Movement

The Women’s Movement has undoubtedly made an impact on various spheres, and the world of marketing is no exception. Brands have begun to leverage the movement to augment their campaigns and programs, relying on its momentum to get the attention of a wider customer base. Twitter is a good example, diverting some of its funds to publicly support women’s causes. Cisco Live is also on the move, seeking to empower women in network engineering. Even KPMG held a one-day summit focusing on women’s leadership from the golf course.


Airbnb Focuses on Event Planners

Lodgings are very important in the event planning business, and Airbnb has finally noticed this link. With their Airbnb For Events platform, they are now giving event planners a very important tool through a list of Airbnb listings surrounding a certain event. This can then be embedded on the event website, giving attendees an easy reference. With Airbnb’s link with SiteMinder, hotels can also be booked through the Airbnb Boutique service.

The Women’s Movement has undoubtedly made an impact on various spheres, and the world of marketing is no exception. Click To Tweet


Dissecting the Forbes Travel Guide

People tend to look at reviews and ratings when choosing hotels. Among them, the Forbes Travel Guide is one of the most prestigious, offering not just a review system but also tools to help hotels improve their ratings. Forbes has already dispelled the possibilities of a pay-to-play system and curates the luxury properties on its listing very carefully. Five-stars are quite uncommon and judged by a group of inspectors from Forbes’ 11 offices around the globe. Should you use it as a definitive guide? That’s up to you, but it’s definitely up there among the most trusted in the industry.


The Only Guide You Need for Google’s My Business

Hubspot has put together a definitive guide for the Google My Business tool. The tool helps you add and manage your business in Google’s services. This allows you to add your business information and view and respond to customer reviews. This is really important as half of the people who view a GMB listing goes to visit that store. But to really pull it off, you need to understand not just the basics but also the best ways to optimize your listing. Check out the guide to learn just how to do this and more!


Engage Communities through Facebook Groups

This podcast from Social Media Examiner discusses the best ways to create a loyal Facebook following through Groups. Caitlin Bacher has used the platform to not only create a fanbase but also to influence people through her social media coaching business. Through her vision and without some of the traditional marketing techniques at her disposal, she was able to grow through genuine interaction, positivity, and creating a constructive environment. Surprisingly, it does not include selling products within the group!



While we haven’t used the Forbes Travel Guide ourselves yet, maybe you can chime in about it. Did it help you get the right accommodations when you used it, or did Airbnb deliver a better experience?



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