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What makes music videos such an awesome form of entertainment? It’s because great music videos appeal to more than one of our senses; our sense of sound and our sense of sight. When watching music videos, the viewer is no longer entertained  just by their favorite songs. Instead, awesome visuals or stunning scenes that complement the music engage the viewer in two completely different ways!


It’s the same case for events. An awesome way to make a memorable event even more memorable is by adding captivating video to amazing lights and booming beats. Video allows anyone at the event to remember one more unforgettable element from a legendary night. Video on stage does so much more than amp up the energy on the dance floor. It also enhances the experience for attendees that don’t dance and it gives them a great alternative to keep engaged rather than standing around and listening to music. If you don’t dance, why would you want to watch people dance when you’re listening to great music when you have the option to watch the video on stage while jamming out to your favorite tunes?

How do WE do video? We can do anything! Between our 100% waterproof LED screens that we can design in any way (literally any custom design), to our projector screens that we can set up anywhere on stage or on the dance floor, and even to creating and incorporating any custom video or footage that you can think of, the possibilities with video are endless.

LED Screens:


We can set up our LED screens in any shape from one GIANT screen, to spelling out letters, or spreading out LED towers throughout the stage. Any arrangement you can imagine can be created.

Projector Screens:

SuniWhether you want the projector screens on the stage, on the other side of the dance floor, or even bordering the dance floor, we can make sure the visual stimulation accompanying the music is everywhere. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to visually captivate everyone in your audience and neither do we. With a touch of technology and a spark of creativity, we can enhance an event’s atmosphere for every attendee.

Custom content:

If content exists that can amp up your crowd but it’s specific only to your event, we can incorporate that! Whatever media you have that you want on screen, we can put it on there.

Will Curran

Author Will Curran

Information junkie, energetic, and work-a-holic are just some of the words we can use to describe Will Curran. Aside from spending 20 out of 24 hours a day working as the Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events, you can catch Will ordering a chai latte or watching The Flash with his cats. He is also well known for his love of all things pretzels.

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