We have something for everyone this week! Whether you’re a meeting planner looking for new ideas or a new trade show organizer searching for guidance, we have a few event tips just for you.

We haven’t left out other event professionals, of course. We have breaking news about securing your event wifi, simple but useful event AV hacks, and how to discover the perfect brand ambassadors.

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Security Alert: Watch Out for KRACK

The recent news of KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) is causing headaches for event security professionals. In a nutshell, a flaw has been found in the WPA2 protocol used in WiFi hotspots, making all public WiFi users vulnerable to attacks. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop placing WiFi hotspots in your events. Instead, you should start using AES encryption to protect your access points. It’s also possible to engage the services of wireless engineers to help provide on-site support in case someone does snoop through the data.

Stun Your Audience with Useful AV Hacks

AV is a core component for an amazing event experience, and it also offers a lot of room for creativity. Luckily, having some audio-visual flair doesn’t have to put a hole in your pocket. Optimizing your AV content for online streaming. This doesn’t cost much and is all about creative use of smartphones. Creating opportunities to unlock extras and new content is also a popular trend where you don’t have to invest much to get more engagement. Augmenting your AV with tangible objects may set you back a little more, but it can add an entirely new and audience-wowing dimension to your AV strategy.

Event Marketing Data and Trends for the Coming Year

The year 2018 might still be a stone’s throw away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t (or shouldn’t) anticipate upcoming trends. We’re not speculating out of thin air, either. These ideas are all backed up by concrete stats! From marketing and budgeting to promotion and audience engagement, Bizzabo has charted out all the trends in one place and it’s EPIC.

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Turn Your Invites into Event Registrations

Have you ever sent invites then started to worry just how many of on your list would actually join your events? With these tips, you can take out all the guesswork and make your invites much more effective. There are the basics such as adding clickable subject lines and specific “save-the-date” announcements. We also see some new, often overlooked ideas such as creating value within the invite and designing a simple-yet-effective invitation layout.

Consider These Before Jumping into Events

There are lots of resources on how to create events, but not enough on why you need an event in the first place. Does holding an event for your specific purpose actually make sense, or would a different kind of marketing campaign be more efficient? This article sheds light on the reason for starting events, with a focus on the different factors to think about during your planning stage. Oh, and use those handy matrices as a visual guide to help in evaluating your event idea.

Build Better Trade Shows with These Strategies

Trade shows are only as effective as the strategy behind them. A huge part of that strategy is weaving a compelling story behind the experience. It’s not just thinking about the space or the budget. You also need to know what kinds of goals and expectations you want to set. It’s important to think the way your audience thinks, and to engage them not just during the time of the event but even the whole year before and after it!

What Do Fellow Meeting Planners Care About?

This year’s iteration of IMEX America managed to draw the biggest crowd in its 7-year history, drawing over 3,000 companies across the country. Such a large crowd means a huge melting pot for information exchange, allowing trends to bubble up across various topics. One such topic is meeting planning. Like events, meetings are now no longer just centered on the content and the freebies but more on the people and the experience. Hands-on learning methods rule, and both security and hospitality are taking on significant roles beyond the welcome mat.

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How To Find the Perfect Brand Ambassadors

Marketers can’t be everywhere at once. To both manage and promote the event effectively, you need brand ambassadors to handle the people-work so that you can take care of the nitty-gritty. Hiring a brand ambassador doesn’t mean simply picking a fan from the crowd. That fan must have both a following and be aligned with the event’s mission. The ambassador should be someone who’s regularly visible and who interacts with their audience well. Once you’ve found the right people, training them is another matter. Luckily, this guide is here to help you through each step.

What Makes Giving Feedback Fun?

When was the last time you were asked for feedback? Did it come in the form of a boring questionnaire? Event professionals tend to send thousands of these in a year. But there are actually ways of making feedback more fun and engaging. An interactive feedback form for engaging your customers over social platforms is just the start. Instead of a form, why not start a conversation? You can even gamify the entire process to make it more attractive to your respondents!

Improving Work-Life Balance When You’re a Business Traveler

Traveling can be fun, but also really stressful, especially if it’s for business. This is something that many event professionals constantly grapple with, affecting their happiness levels and work-life balance. Spending hours sleeping on the planes and in hotels, and being away from the people you love can take their personal toll. Add to that technology and connectivity issues that hamper productivity and it becomes a problem for the business, too. This is why it’s important to have policies that will make traveling not only more comfortable but also more flexible and productive for traveling employees.



Feedback is important if you want to level up professionally. Whether it’s from attendees, staff or higher-ups, you need someone else to let you know what you can improve as well as what you’re doing right.

Did you receive some scathing feedback recently? How did it make you feel? More importantly, what did you do about that feedback?


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