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Creating successful recurring events isn’t only good for brands but also for planners. Maintain your momentum by creating events that stick to your attendee’s minds. To do this, you need to make your conference memorable. Not planning conferences? These tips can apply to almost any event. For example, start with venue design that both attracts and engages people as they enter your venue. Perhaps a show-stopping grand entrance would do the trick!

Then, slide in some brain-churning keynotes that gives your audience valuable takeaways. Finally, end with a workshop or breakout session that creates a positive emotional experience between attendees.

That should be enough to create a truly remarkable event. To cement your event in your participant’s minds, why not take our free audience engagement webinar as well?

This Year’s Event Statistics

The numbers are in for this year! Eventbrite has compiled some of the most relevant event statistics across various fronts, from event marketing and promotion to social media and technology. B2B events also have their section, and the guide gives a few tips on how to stay afloat now that the market is getting more and more crowded. Each section has clear takeaways you can implement, covering well-known areas like email, VR, AR, live streaming, event apps. Strategies like selling tickets directly on social media instead of on a ticketing page also got.


Spicing up Your Event Keynotes

Old keynotes no longer work for today’s audiences. These days, the foundation for a good keynote depends completely on what the goals of the speech are. It’s not about the duration, and the “feeling” that it inspires. Specific goals should be accompanied by actual tools that will deliver behavioral change for the audience. This could be in the form of letting them go through a specific experience. Or by constructing the talk in such a way that it syncs the brains of the audience and the speaker in remarkable ways. What have you done to spice up your own presentations?


Make Your Next Conference Memorable via Venue Design

How do you make sure that your next conference doesn’t melt into the “same old, same old” status in your attendees’ minds? How do you make them remember your brand long after they’re gone? The secret is to make an impression with the venue design itself, even before they get to the keynote speakers. Have you considered hanging some art on the conference room walls, or setting up pieces that inspire conversation (both offline and online)? You could also use your stairs as a venue for branding and promotion.  Bonus – check out our article on how to get creative with conference staging ideas for even more ideas.


Tips for Growing Your Event Revenue

The cuts on hotel commissions are making site selection an inadequate revenue stream for many third-party planners. This is despite the steady increase in hotel bookings for business groups and events. But while that section is a dead end, for now, it’s still possible to grow your earnings in many other event areas. You can leverage your expanding customer base, or offer supplementary products to increase your market share. Today, the key to growth and survival won’t depend on the same old business model. Thrive by packing as much value into your event offerings.


Make Simple Workshops an Experiential Powerhouse

Workshops are primarily meant to instill learning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be powerful experiential agents as well. By having a great speaker and a novel venue, you can turn a learning experience into something the attendees are bound to remember. This is enhanced by having smooth and competent facilitation, removing any barriers for the audience. This lets them enjoy and connect with each other even while they learn. Instead of having a single expert working the crowd, give an opportunity for the members of the crowd to share their learnings and knowledge in their own way.

Van Halen, M&Ms, and the Wisdom in the Contract Details

Many event profs have heard of the story of how Van Halen infamously asked for a bowl of M&Ms in their dressing rooms as part of their concert contracts. And not just any bowl, they wanted all the brown ones removed. While this sounds frivolous at first, it’s actually a wise move on the band’s part. The bowl acted as a canary of sorts: if the band sees it upon arrival, they know that the contract has been read and abided by to the letter. But if they see brown ones in the bowl (or no M&Ms at all), that means everything else needs a close inspection for quality. Steal this technique for your own events contracts as well, to make sure even your important details about safety and quality aren’t ignored.

Use Your Speakers as Event Ambassadors

If you want to have an easy way to get the word out about your event, look no further than your event speakers. They can serve as ambassadors through content sharing, guest blog posts, pre-event interviews, and promotional clips, reaching a niche you might not have access to. By building a strong connection with your speakers, you can leverage them as a powerful and vital part of your promotion strategy.

By having a great speaker and a novel venue, you can turn a learning experience into something the attendees are bound to remember. Click To Tweet


Watch Out for These B2B Tactics

Event marketing in the B2B landscape is a bit different from other segments, but the techniques used are fairly similar. Immersive technology such as holograms and augmented reality can turn a regular live event into a buzz-filled one, while giving sponsors a powerful vehicle for promotion. Choosing novel and unique event venues is another way to stand out. “Decentralizing” event venue (holding the event in many places all at once) may be a unique approach, but it’s also very effective in creating a new experience. Other unconventional approaches such as hosting an “Investor’s Pitch” contest can likewise breathe new life into a tired event format.

Using VR for Event Planning

A new company AllSeated has realized the capacity of VR to serve as a planning tool. It allows planners to view venues as if they were there themselves. Thus, event professionals can have a good look at how everything comes together even before making concrete venue design plans. By doing so, AllSeated gives professionals the chance to visualize a library of venues like never before.


Introducing Zoho Backstage, an Event Management Product Suite

Handling events can be very difficult, but new tools such as Zoho Backstage make end-to-end event management easier. The new product has a suite of tools that integrates everything you need to create a successful event. It has as a website builder, an event app, and even integrates with your marketing campaigns. There’s also a space where you can list various event agendas, and where you can manage your sponsors and speakers. These are just among the dozens of tools that can help event professionals take care of all vital aspects before, during, and after the event.



Are you one of those who made wage with hotel commissions? And are you still in shock with how you got cut off all of a sudden? Well, welcome to the club. But no use dwelling on that anymore, what we need are fresh ideas for building new revenue streams.

Aside from the ones we mentioned above, what other ways are you earning your keep through your events?


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