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🔥 The Best of the Best:

Thank you all ❤️

In the past week, this newsletter has gained over a hundred new subscribers! So to those people, I want to say welcome to the family, but you might be a little confused about the message I’m about to share.

Last week, I wrote about some personal struggles and hardships that I was experiencing. Honestly, writing that newsletter was nerve-wracking because I thought that no one would want to read something that was riddled with worry and self-doubt.

But I found the opposite to be true. After last week’s newsletter, I received an overwhelming amount of love and support from quite a few people, and it allowed me to connect with so many of you on a personal level.

I shared some of the beautiful responses with my close co-worker and friend Kaitlin, and I think what she said perfectly sums up how I feel.

“Sometimes we feel like we do all we can and it’s never enough. Does anyone even read or see our efforts? Yes! One of the best parts of marketing is you never know who your message will reach! It’s not always about the sale, click-through rates, and traffic. Those numbers are people, and it’s about those people and how you impact them.”

Last week allowed me to see past the numbers and analytics and showed me how important human connection is. To those of you who wrote back to me and continued to have a conversation with me about your own personal struggles, thank you. You helped ground me and gave me a newfound appreciation for the newsletters I write and the work that I do.

To those of you who want to write back to me about anything at all, I encourage you to do so. I respond to every email and I would love to get to know more of you on a personal level.

To those of you who responded with kind words for my dad last week, you inflated his ego and now he thinks he’s famous because he has fans. 😂

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all of you. To be honest, the world isn’t getting any less chaotic, but you all make it easier to see a light at the end. Let’s keep pushing through together.


😍 Keeping your remote audience engaged and happy! (14-minute read)

After we started talking about the importance of virtual events, our team at Endless kept getting the same question over and over: how do you keep your attendees engaged if they are just supposed to stare at a computer screen for hours on end? It’s a valid question and is the direct inspiration for the blog post that Mariana Fernandes wrote about virtual audience engagement.

✨ Articles and resources


🔉 Did you know Endless can help convert your in-person event into a virtual one? (see what we do)

We have been doing virtual and hybrid events for a while now. We are here for you if you need your event to be converted into a virtual one. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you.


🛣️ How far are we going to take virtual events? (17-minute read)

I don’t typically highlight our podcasts in the newsletter, but I think this week’s episode of Event Tech Podcast provides a helpful framework for thinking about virtual events. This article outlines your options from simple virtual capabilities to the most advanced virtual events you can plan. Sprinkle in a dash of limitations, budgets, and other considerations and you have a great recipe for getting started with planning a virtual event!

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▶️ Latest shows and podcasts


📆 Upcoming events

✔️ April 8 – 1:00 pm CDT – Will is hosting a free webinar with PCMA focusing on Choosing a Digital Events Platform

✔️ Aril 16th – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm CDT – Alex will be teaching an Event Crisis Communications Certificate Program

✔️ April 21 – 1:00 pm CDT – Will and Brandt will be hosting a free webinar on 5G and Digital Events: Evolution or Revolution


💥Silly Scientific Findings

As I’ve been observing the news, social media, and even mainstream TV, I made a list of all the phrases/words that I’m okay with never hearing again:

  • Unprecedented times
  • Now more than ever (I think I used this in a previous email, but still)
  • Quarantini
  • Rona
  • Silver lining
  • #WFH
  • Uncharted territory

If you have any phrases that you’re over at this point, send them my way and we can have a good laugh!


💡 Got one last thing for ya!

Endless Events is hiring! We are drowning in work and we need the best event profs who can help us produce our virtual events (that means you gotta be tech-savvy). Apply here if you want to be a part of the Endless family!


Have a great week!

Sarah Christl

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It all started when my mom... met my dad.... they fell in love... and then they had me. Hi, I'm Sarah. And my life... is kind of crazy. Marketing Lab Director. Lover of memes. Curator of content.

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