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When you have an amazing event it is likely you will have a few event crashers try to show up. Perhaps the most famous event crashers are Michaele and Tareq Salahi from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.”. We all remember when they crashed the White House Dinner. It made the front page of every magazine and was on the headline news. So how do you avoid this at your next event? Below are a few suggestions on how to keep event crashers out. If you follow these steps it will greatly diminish the chance of event crashers crashing your event.

1. Hire Event Security

When you have an event hiring security is an absolute must, no matter how calm or small the event. They will be there to handle anything from a rowdy guest, an event crasher or any other event emergency. Security is an excellent way of keeping event crashers away from your event. Most event crashers will be deterred when they find out your event has security. Place security at all exit and entry points for your event. Having security at entry points will diminish the risk of having an event crasher considerably.

2. Use Scannable Badges

Today it is super easy for event crashers to fake tickets, wristbands and hand stamps with technology. Scannable badges are much harder for event crashers to fake. The best way to create a secure scannable badge is to use a QR code. They are reliable and scannable by most smartphones. For these reasons we think QR Code should be the barcode of choice for your next event to keep the event crashers away.

3. Create a Digital Guest List

Paper guest lists can be a pain. They are harder to update, and a waste of resources. It can also be time-consuming to look up people on your guest list making it easy for event crashers to slip past the check-in line without being noticed. In order to keep event crashers away, it is in your best interest to use a digital guest list. It is easier to avoid event crashers when you have an up-to-date and searchable guest list on an Ipad or tablet. Digital guests lists will not only help to keep event crashers out, but save time at check-in keeping your check in times fast and your guests happy.

4. Check Guest ID’s at Check-In

Even with digital guests lists, and barcodes on badges it is important to check your guests ID upon arrival. Checking ID’s in the first place will help keep event crashers away. If you do not check guests ID’s an event crasher could easily use someone else’s name to get into the event.

In conclusion, an event crasher can be someone who heard about your event and just wanted to have a good time, or your worst enemy showing up to sabotage the event. Either way they are uninvited guest and need to be handled by event security. While it is best to take all measures to avoid event crashers sometimes the best of them still get in and when they do have your event security handle the situation, not yourself. The last thing you want is your event ruined by you fighting off an unwanted guest. You will look unprofessional and it could definitely ruin your event.

Have you had an event crasher at your event? Comment below and share your story!

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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