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Instagram has exploded with popularity in the past couple of years, particularly with the younger demographic. It provides users with a simple interface with which they can upload, edit, and share photos (and now videos) in real time. As event professionals, utilizing this massively popular app to boost interaction and increase marketing reach at your events can do wonders. Instagram to screen tools are a fantastic way to help turn this into an easy reality at your next event.

eventstagram1Twitter to screen options have been popular at large events like concerts and sporting events for a while now. Sending a tweet or texting a message to a certain number (maybe for a fee) can allow you to see your message on a moderated screen. Instagram to screen gives this same concept a more personal feel, showing pictures of attendees having fun and enjoying different aspects of the event. Users simply have to include a hashtag or tag the company/event in their post (depending on the rules of the event). Let’s be honest – people love seeing their faces on “the big screen”. At sporting events people are known for getting really excited when they appear on the jumbotron. Instagram to screen tools allow you to have that same type of feature at your own event.

If you have a projection or LED screen at your event that is connected to a computer, you can utilize Instagram to screen. There are various tools to use to achieve this result. I have used Instagram to screen at a few different events and I will tell you about what I believe is the best way to manage Instagram to screen:

  • knicks copyMake it easy for your attendees to know how to get their pictures on the screen.

    Instagram to screen becomes popular very quickly as attendees arrive, so having a screen or signage posted that explains how to get pictures on the screen will drive attendees to submit their pictures. Whether they need to use a particular hashtag, tag your company’s profile, or some other way, they need to know how to submit for you to get any photos on the screen. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have your screen display the instructions intermittently between the pictures (After every fourth or fifth picture is an optimal way to spread it out). Otherwise, you will have a sea of confused attendees wondering how they can see their face on the big screen.

  • Require moderator approval of all posts.

    You have the option to allow all submitted posts to be added to the slideshow without moderation, but this puts a lot of trust in your guests to not submit something inappropriate. If you personally know your whole audience very well, you may wish to use a feed that isn’t monitored, but remember that once an image goes up on the big screen, it cannot be unseen. The easiest way to ensure that only appropriate images are shown and that you will not be liable for any unmoderated images is to moderate and approve each image before it is added to the slideshow.

  • Announce it through the microphone on stage.

    While attendees are arriving and before your event begins, you should announce that anyone can get their picture of themselves and their friends having fun at the event by easily tagging their post with whatever tag you require. This will instill the idea in their minds early and will not affect any parts of the event itself after it gets started.

  • Remove old images.

    Attendees will get bored if the same pictures show up on the screen for hours throughout your event. Use your best judgement and remove an image after it has been in the rotation for a while. This will open up room for newer images to get their face time on the screen and will keep people interested in the fresh pictures showing up in the slideshow.

By providing an Instagram to screen option, you will increase your attendees’ engagement with the event through social media, have your event publicized through your attendees use of the appropriate tags, and increase your audience’s excitement and attentiveness at your event.

Have you used Instagram to screen at one of your events? Have you seen it at a concert or sporting event you’ve been to recently? Comment and let us know what you thought!


Image credit: EventUp, Movement Strategy

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