People go to events to experience something new, so it’s your job as the event planner to deliver. But what if you’re at a loss when it comes to innovative ideas for events? Well, that’s why we’re here.

Learn about what makes the Oscars a great gala and what unique things happened at Sundance. We even share why people chose Albert Einstein to be the main attraction of their event. (Hint: it’s all about innovation). We also serve a few tips for marketing your event via influencers, social media video and virtual reality.

Getting Social Media Influencers on Your Side for Event Marketing

Influencers are climbing in popularity, despite what old-school marketers think. That’s why it’s so important to get them on your side to market your events. After all, with followers and fan engagement like theirs, your event might just get a much needed boost in awareness. All it takes are a few simple steps. Keep abreast on current trends. Offer media kits and materials to influencers. Soon, you’ll win them over and get your event the reach it deserves.

Can Event Organizers Learn a Thing or Two from The Oscars?

The Oscars is one of the most-anticipated events of the year. For good reason: it attracts hundreds of millions of viewers and rounds up the biggest names in Hollywood for one spectacular evening. With the success of this awards show, it’s sure to have a few tricks up its sleeve. Pick up a few tips on answering a need you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Learn how to build a movement that can scale in the long-term. Listen to what your attendees will want to happen and implement them with style.

Planners, Don’t Leave Home Without These Event Must-Haves

It’s crazy how much stuff you think you need for an event, isn’t it? If you’re worried you might be over-preparing, or even underpreparing, for that next event you’re planning, hold it just a sec. There’s the basics like chargers and clipboard. But you need to remember the “huh” items too. Bring along everything from extra dresses (for the ladies) to folding dollies. Here’s the full list of things you should always bring during an event.

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Making Events Planning a Breeze: 5 Tools Event Agencies Need

Digital technology is one of the best things that’s ever happened to event agencies. There’s a lot of awesome software and applications available for managing events that cuts down on manual work and even saves you some money as well. Check out a few essential apps like Jolt, Livestream, Guru, Bizzabo, and Bond to help you manage teams, broadcast events, and create meaningful relationships.

Albert EinsteinThe Albert Einstein-Inspired Cocktail Party You Should Know About

To think Albert Einstein, world-renowned physicist and Endless Entertainment inspiration, could be the central theme of cocktail party. It’s not that weird though if you’re celebrating the best traits of our fluffy haired genius: imagination and innovation. The Washington Business Journal used this line of thinking to design and organize a fun-filled party full of unique cuisine and hip new gadgets for all its attendees to enjoy. Learn more how they did it here.

How Oculus is Paving the Way for Events Using VR

Have you tried virtual reality in your events? Companies are finding ways to use the technology behind the latest craze for their own businesses. Oculus, the Facebook-owned creators of VR gear and headsets, is blazing a trail for events by trying to create VR that can hold actual events. Imagine conferences and forums and parties being attended by people from every corner of the globe virtually. That’s the future Oculus is imagining.

Creating a Faceless Social Media Video Campaign

Many people want to create videos for their next marketing campaigns but are a little hesitant to get in front of the camera. Worry not if this is your own problem because there are many ways you can still make an engaging and compelling video without being seen onscreen. All it takes is a little storytelling, compelling content, and lots of engaging visuals.

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What does the Social Tables CEO Have to Say About Event Trends This 2017?

Dan Berger talks about the biggest event trends we can expect this year. He claims comfort will be one of the most important elements of an event making a comeback, as audiences and attendees will want to be comfy and feel at home wherever they go. He emphasizes the importance of machine learning, or the way you can make decisions in an automated, systematic way. Collaboration and innovativeness are also key aspects event planners have to keep in mind this year, where people must work together to create events that are different and better each time.

What You Might Have Missed at the Sundance Film Festival 2017

The Sundance Film Festival held last January was an event to remember for all event organizers wanting to plan similar feats. The event featured a lot of snow, some interesting cyber-attack on the box office, and even a couple power-outages that you will want to prepare for in your future events. Regardless of these little mishaps, the Sundance Film Festival still brought out hundreds of films and dozens of branded activations for attendees to enjoy.

8 Reasons Why You Might Not Be At Your Most Productive

What are things you’re doing now that might be preventing you from improving productivity? You might be a frequent gadget-in-bed user or an impulsive internet-surfer. Or do you suffer from being a perfectionist or meeting-maker syndrome? If any of these sound like you, you might want to find ways to break those habits keeping you from being at your most productive.



Event technology certain has been good to us in the industry. And still, the best is yet to come with virtual reality soon becoming mainstream and event tools becoming a must have for every planner. How about you, what event technology can’t you do without? Comment below and let us know.

Top Tips For Hiring An Event AV Company Webinar

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