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How to Set Your Content Marketing Strategy Right, How to Make Your Paperless Event Plan Work & Why We Need Content Marketing to Be More Interactive [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Writing with your audience in mind is the first thing you need to consider when creating content. For you to reach out to your readers and make yourself heard, you should have an ongoing, consistent content marketing strategy in place. Find out below the do’s and don’ts in this process of attracting and keeping loyal readers and supporters of your brand. Part of the strategy is to approach your content marketing with creativity and add an interactive touch to create immersive experiences for your fans. In one of the articles below, you will find some powerful ways to engage your audience through interactive content. In line with the interactivity the modern world demands, event planners should seriously consider adopting an event app and take on a completely paperless approach with their event. There are huge benefits to this. Find out more on these topics from this week’s articles!

content-marketing-strategyHow to Set Your Content Marketing Strategy Right

What makes content marketing great? There are a few simple things to keep in mind to make your content worth your readers’ time. Before jumping on board with creating new content, you need to know who you are writing for. The writing style you use should speak directly to your audience, but at the same time it needs to be in line with what your brand represents. Next in line is the way you present your content, which is critical for the attention it will get. By spacing out the paragraphs and adding relevant headers, you’ll do your readers a favor by helping them skim the content more easily. Deciding upon a title for your content is another important step in marketing your content. Using clickbait titles may attract a few more visits, but the success won’t be long-lasting. You should focus instead on creating content that brings value, and that is in line with your title proposition. Check out more ways you can make your content valuable and timeless!

Ted-talks_about_productivity8 TED Talks That Challenge the Way We Think about Productivity

How we choose to work is ultimately reflecting the performance we get. To be efficient and creative are two separate goals difficult to reach in the modern day office environment where being interrupted by your colleagues or by your boss happens on a regular basis. Or when the long hours you spent at work are preventing you from getting enough sleep. Or when you are forced to attend useless meetings that take away time that you could have otherwise used to bring something to an end or to elaborate on a new idea you were thinking about. The way office work is currently designed seems to be rather harmful to both our productivity and creativity, even though that’s the exact opposite companies want for their employees. These 8 TED talks are pointing the way toward better working by leaning into different, even unconventional rules. Check them out!

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drive-traffic-with-InstagramHow to Effectively Promote Your Website with Instagram

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool and can be used to drive traffic to your website. Though you cannot add a link to your post, there are ways you can show users they way to reach your blog or website. The easiest way to direct users to your website is by adding the URL to the profile. Another easy way to do that is to place a call-to-action in the photos you use in your posts. You can also take advantage of the video posts where you can promote through text and voice the website you want to draw the attention to. Reaching out to social influencers to help you get your website promoted is also worth considering. Their loyal followers will likely want to check out what they’re telling them about and this way your website will get a fair amount of exposure. Another effective way to promote your website with Instagram is by tapping into the ads’ potential. Both photo and video ads have attached a “Learn more” button that directs followers to your chosen URL. Find out more about how you can use Instagram to effectively promote your website!

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swag-attendees-will-loveThe Best Swags Attendees Could Possibly Get

It’s no surprise that attendees love to get free stuff from the event. If they are nice and useful, the swags simply make the event experience complete. You can start out by handing them out a branded gift bag, which is especially useful if you’re at a trade show and expect to collect promotional material. If your budget allows for it, you can even include some promotional items in these bags such as pens, notebooks or fresh mints. Another great idea for an event swag is a flash drive, which you can also use it as a marketing tool. Before giving it away, you might want to consider uploading some promotional content such as the sponsor’s brochures or digital coupons, useful information about upcoming events or even the speakers’ presentations at past editions. Notebooks and pens are still well-received by the attendees despite the new technologies at hand. They are particularly useful when handed out at a conference where people might want to take down key notes to remember. Here are more ideas of event swags your attendees will be more than happy to receive!  

event planning tipsHow to Prevent a Weather Disaster at Your Event

Last month, the electronic music festival TomorrowWorld was taken by surprise by the bad weather and failed to come up with an effective plan to safely bring attendees back to their cars. Because event sponsored shuffles couldn’t travel on the muddy roads anymore, people were left to wander for miles by themselves and even end up sleeping on the side road. There were some things TomorrowWorld could have done to prevent these unfortunate happenings. One of the most important things they could have done is to think about providing shelter to attendees in case the weather becomes merciless. Tents and other sheltering structures for outdoor events, especially in secluded areas such as TomorrowWorld’s, should have been on the event planners’ list. Continue reading to learn other measures event planners should take to prevent weather disasters happening at their outdoor events!

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social-media-for-eventsHow to Generate Interest on Social Media with Your Event

The most successful companies are always innovating the way they communicate with their audience. They create enticing stories and design memorable experiences. They know the best marketing is when people engage voluntarily in positive talk around their brands. With social media available today, a great event experience an attendee goes through could easily go viral. Especially when attendees are well-respected bloggers or social media influencers. Check out what creative concepts these companies successfully employed to get attendees eager to share their experience on social media.

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paperless-conferenceHow to Make Your Paperless Event Plan Work

Creating a paperless culture at your event is a goal worth following given the positive impact this will have on your costs as well as on the environment. If you’ve decided to go paperless, you need to start early, up to one year before the event, to get people on board. Changing attendees’ paper-focused ways are somewhat hard to challenge and would need considerable communication and marketing efforts. A paperless event is never complete without an event app. To ease the adoption, consider promoting the benefits of your app alongside the favorable impact on the environment. Being able to access at any time the event schedules and other last-minute changes should be a powerful incentive to make the switch to paperless. See what other things you need to consider when deciding to go full-speed ahead with your paperless event plan.

interactive-content-marketingWhy We Need Content Marketing to Be More Interactive

With the multitude of social platforms at hand, everybody does some form of writing today. It’s difficult for your content to stand out when you face so much competition. To get ahead with your content marketing strategy these days, you need to be on top of the trends and use interactive techniques that make your content appealing and engaging. Polls and quizzes are one great way to initiate a conversation with your audience. In a world where everybody talks, your brand can easily stand out by playing the role of active listener. Secondly, if you need to present some hard data, you can make it into an appealing interactive infographic following the example The Guardian set forth on the anniversary of 100 years of aviation. Last, but not least, using interactive videos to make a powerful impact on your audience is also a trend worth following.  Check out more about what interactive content marketing is and some great examples to learn from!

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negotiations-venuesHow to Best Negotiate with Your Event Venue

Finding a location for your event can be the most difficult part of the event planning. Apart from making sure it has the right capacity and all needed amenities, you need to negotiate a good price that fits your budget. When asking for a request for proposal, you should send the minimum data about your event, and that needs to be as well estimated as you can, especially the head count. As for the event date, having some flexibility around it could get you some better prices. What you need to do next is communicate a date by when you need the offer. Also, let them know when you would like to have the contract signed, just to give them an idea of how your timeline looks like. Here are ten rules to help you in the negotiations with venues and hotels.

project-management-platformWhat Makes Asana a Powerful Platform

If you’re looking for an alternative to your current project management app, Asana can be an option worth considering, especially when your team works on multiple projects. It makes work interactive, productive and meetings-free. With Asana, it’s easy to create and organize tasks into projects. With clear deadlines and responsible people assigned to each task, you can easily get a sense of the project’s progress using the calendar view. You also have access to useful features like checking a project’s progress and creating or assigning tasks directly from the conversations you’re having with your peers. You can also customize your Inbox by selecting what updates will reach you. By joining conversations on both tasks and projects, you can exchange ideas as well as needed files. Besides all this, Asana has integrations with Slack, Dropbox, Drive and a few other platforms. Drawing the line, it seems to incorporate pretty much everything that a team needs to push the work forward.

We hope these articles will inspire you to work better, be more productive and conduct a more effective content marketing strategy. What strategies work best for you when you engage with your audience? How can you spark their interest and make them to share your content? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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