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How to Perform Better on Social Media Using Psychology, How to Drive More Engagement with Your Facebook Posts & 2 Ways to Better Engage Your Attendees Before and After the Event  [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Do you want your voice to be heard and respected within your social network? Do you want to speak the language of your followers and drive engagement? If you do want to know how to perform better on social media, you can learn how to add a psychological twist to your strategy and rely on data when adjusting the format or publishing times of your Facebook posts. This week’s articles are also focused on building engagement with your attendees before and after the event through crowdsourcing, a concept that uses the input or the feedback of your audience to design the event itself.

how_to_perform_better_on_social_mediaHow to Perform Better on Social Media Using Psychology

Without even realizing it, we are applying elements of psychology to our lives all the time. Some of us get  better results by using, consciously or not, a winning strategy. Some of these psychological principles perform well in the social media space too. For example, we could follow the research-supported idea that by asking someone a favor, we have a chance at building a positive relationship with that person. The psychology works this way. By asking for a favor, we actually make the other person like us more and do not make him dislike us, as we might expect. By accepting to do us a favor, they will also feel good about themselves, making them more likely to do us the favor in the first place. This way of thinking could positively be applied online, by asking for a retweet or a share of our post. You might be surprised with the results. Check out other 5 psychological tweaks to our social media posts so you can make your  ideas widely heard!

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crowdsourcing-for-meetingsWhy Crowdsourcing Is a Good Idea for Your Event

When you want to create the event your attendees are looking for, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rely on the wisdom of the crowd. There are easy ways to involve your attendees in designing your event from choosing the event theme, the venue, or the event entertainment. The speakers and the main topics at a conference can also be decided through an open voting system where attendees have their chance to express their preferences. Social media also provides huge opportunities for creating content using the creativity of your attendees. You could use the guests’ input during the event to learn how to perform better on social media as you observe what  the most catchy or engaging posts are. Here is some more information on how to involve the crowd in the actual making of the event!

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exhibition-hall-redesignHow to Bring Attendees and Vendors at the Same Table

Exhibition halls have the role of bringing vendors and attendees together. But sometimes the traffic flow isn’t quite as expected and, because they fail to track quality leads, vendors feel like they haven’t made a good investment. There are a few ways you can push visitors to the vendors’ booth. The first step is to remove all possible distractions (food and drink spots) or competing events that might steal your attendees away. The second step is to design the exhibition floor in such a way that you would force attendees to pass through the booth area to get to a high-interest zone. The alternative is to keep them close to the booths hosting, for example, learning sessions within the exhibition area. Read more to find out other tips for bringing attendees closer to vendors!

public_speaking_tipsHow to Deliver a Successful Speech

Last month, Saudi Arabian security engineer Mohammed Qahtani won the title of Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking. What did he do well to deserve such an important title? One thing he did was to keep in mind at all times the message he was trying to convey. He used personal examples that would ask for an empathic reaction from the audience. And, most importantly, he used his best strength, his humor, to decisively win over the audience. Though he gave at times the impression of performing a stand-up act, he had intertwined the funny moments with the serious ones to prove his core message. Take a look at his winning speech that serves us a valuable public speaking lesson!

lighting-design-appsWhat Apps Are the Best Lighting Designers Using?

Which lighting apps make the work easier for light designers? 4 specialists, including the senior lighting designer for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Creative Entertainment and Bruce Springsteen’s lighting designer, share some of the apps they find particularly helpful in the design process. Sometimes, you’d be surprised, they also use non-lighting apps that help them be more effective in their work. Check out their app preferences when it comes to color swatches, gobo patterns or light meters and find out the sources they turn to for learning about new interesting apps!

facebook-engagementHow to Drive More Engagement with Your Facebook Posts

What makes a Facebook post great enough to attract engagement or drive traffic to your website? From the words you use, the type of format you choose for your posting to the publishing schedule you create, Facebook posts can be optimized. Looking into the analytics for every post you send out there is critical for identifying successful patterns you should stick to or on the contrary, unsuccessful patterns you should avoid. There are general studies that point out that video posting is the greatest magnet for engagement or that you should publish on certain weekdays (Thursday and Friday seem to have the best results). However, these findings are not particular to a certain audience or industry. This leads us to the idea that the best way to improve the performance of our Facebook posts is to experiment and follow up on the data we get. These tips will set you on the right track for improving your Facebook posts and will teach you how to perform better on social media as a whole.

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audience-engagement2 Ways to Better Engage Your Attendees Before and After the Event

A successful event manages to build engagement before and after the event. The most important factor in this equation is the way you manage your communication with your attendees. One tool as simple as a survey can work wonders in your relationship with your attendees. When sent before the event, it can create excitement and anticipation. Putting them to good use is when pre-event surveys are tapping into attendees’ expectations and preferences. You can even ask for their input into designing your event. That way, when they see their idea come to life, they would feel they’re part of the event’s success. In the same way, post-event surveys welcome the attendees’ feedback so that their likes and dislikes become a focus for future editions. Continue reading to find out what is the other element that requires event planners’ attention for ensuring their event’s success!

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event_planning_negotiationsImportant Rules Event Planners Should Follow When Negotiating

When approaching a venue, there are certain rules to keep in mind if you want to have a good start in a possible collaboration. When sending out a Request For Proposal, you should always ask for the essential information that would help make your decision. Having to deal with a lot of your requirements under considerable time pressure won’t determine a venue to honor your request by the time you need it. If your request is urgent, you could point out that they are on a shortlist of options. The prospect of winning your business could make them more responsive to prioritize your request and possibly follow up with some discounts that would influence your final decision in their favor. Take a look at a few other tips for an effective negotiation with event venues!

low-meeting-attendanceWhat Marketing Tactics Help You Get More Attendees

Planning a great event is no use if only a few people show up. You need to complement your planning strategy with an effective marketing plan that would draw attendees in. Though sending emails to people to let them know about the event is a good tactic, you should keep in mind that every email address is susceptible to change or get outdated. That’s why it’s essential that we clean our email list constantly to have only valid contacts. At the same time, sending just one email won’t do the trick. You need to be consistent and send 2 follow-ups to your initial email. All emails should have a different content, each grabbing attention in their own special way. Check out 3 more successful ways of getting more people to your event!

unsend_emailHow to Edit an Email After It Was Opened by the Recipient

I’m sure it happened to you before to send an email that you immediately wished to unsend. Maybe you sent it to the wrong person, you sent it with a wrong attachment or maybe it was just incomplete. Either way, an unsend button would have been very useful at that particular moment. Today, we have the luxury of a solution. It’s an app called Unsend, that helps us in more ways than we could imagine. Until now we had the option to recall our messages but that was possible only if the recipient didn’t open the email. With Unsend, you can edit your email or its attachments at any time, no matter if the email was opened or not. More than this, you have the possibility to destruct the message altogether if you think editing it will not solve the problem. That could be the case when you send the email to the wrong person. It seems that we now have a reason to be more relaxed when sending important emails. However, double-checking them before pressing the send button will always remain a good practice!

[Tweet “With Unsend, you can edit your email or its attachments at any time.”]

What is your strategy when posting on social media? Do you have a different approach for Facebook? What crowdsourcing strategy for social media would you consider for your event?

Make sure to check our previous posts as well if you want to learn more about how to perform better on social media or how to build engaging event experiences for your attendees.

If you have any questions or feedback about our articles this week, please let us know in the comments below.

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