This week Einsteins’ Favorites is all about powerful communication. Knowing how to keep a good relationship with event sponsors, or how to expand your network and benefit from your strategic connections or mastering the communications at an event to ensure a memorable experience for your attendees. Read on to get valuable insights on making your messages powerful and well-received on the other side!

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event-sponsors-activationHow to Keep a Good Relationship with Event Sponsors

Long gone are the days when our relationship with the sponsors was based on pre-packaged benefits that pretty much involved a prominent display of their logos.  Now moving into the digital age, the sponsors’ requirements have become more complex and more difficult to satisfy.  The sponsors’ activations at an event are now blending naturally with the event’s theme and are reflective of their culture and values. They have the possibility to create branded experiences within the event’s space and interact on a totally new and more powerful level with their audience. Another collateral benefit of the digital age sponsors are looking for is represented by the social messages sent on the event’s channel,  which potentially have greater impact than a logo display and most importantly, provide measurable results. Facilitating the networking between different sponsors at the event and providing special benefits and attention to the top sponsors can also contribute to building strong relationships over time. Read more relevant recommendations on how to keep a good relationship with event sponsors. Remember that keeping our sponsors happy will keep them returning to our events!

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periscope-for-businessHow Your Business Can Benefit from Periscope

For the dynamic action-rich field that the events represent, a live-streaming platform such as Periscope is just what planners need. Thanks to its multiple features, Periscope can help you take viewers behind the scenes or even share live footage from the event itself. Either way, you will be able to get quick feedback from your followers as you can initiate chat-like conversations while streaming. Periscope can also be used to enlarge your mailing list by asking viewers to write their email addresses in the comments. Take a look and review all the benefits Periscope can bring to your business by live streaming videos on a regular basis!

flow-project-management-toolNew Tool for Helping Teams Work Better

No emails, no meetings. This is how Flow promises to help teams do projects together. It’s an intuitive easy-to-use platform that allows team members to chat, discuss tasks and plan projects. Everybody can see what everyone else is working on and has access to all the created tasks and exchanged files, making it easy to understand how the project is progressing and how everybody contributes to the common goal. Not to mention that the platform works equally well regardless of the device you’re using. Sounds reliable? Let us know how it works for you if you decide to give it a try!

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strategic-networking-tipsHow to Make a Strategic Networking Plan

When done strategically, networking can help our career significantly. Networking is not about settling to a group of people you can hang out with, or interacting with individuals who are similar to you. It is about expanding your reach in diverse settings either at work or outside of work. Not the number of new people you meet counts, but meeting people that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with. You should support the people from your network without expecting anything in return. You know that at some point you could be in their place and might need their help with finding a lead for a job or getting a recommendation for a promotion. If these results are not motivating enough, keep in mind that an effective networking is also strongly correlated with higher incomes. Check out this helpful advice about the right kind of networking!

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how-to-be-smarter7 Activities that Make Us Think Better

Everyone strives to be smarter, and we’re right to be on the track of continuous learning and self-development. As studies show that intelligence is not necessarily native, but can be in fact developed and trained, we are now more motivated to achieve our larger potential. Helping our brain work better and faster is possible by doing relaxing or entertaining activities. When we learn a new language or read any publication, we train our brain to better handle mentally demanding tasks. We improve our problem-solving skills, develop our ability to make quicker associations and have better understanding of things happening around us. Here are more activities that lead to enhanced brain performance!

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cold-email-tipsHow to Get Noticed When Sending Cold Emails

We’ve certainly done our share of writing cold emails, and there’s a high chance we still have plenty occasions to do that in the future. No matter if you’re selling something or asking for something from someone you don’t know, you need to master some of the winning techniques that will bring you the reply you’re waiting for. Besides writing a personalized rather than a prefabricated email, you should also keep in mind to add some content that would bring value to the recipient. It can be provided simply as a link to a blog post that you think might be of interest. Or you could share valuable information in a more elaborate form such as an ebook or whitepaper. In case you don’t receive a reply, schedule one or two personalized follow-ups to your email and allow for some days in between them. Continue reading and learn more about what works best when sending cold emails!

creative-event-communicationPowerful Communication Tips for a Remarkable Event

It’s important to know how to communicate with your attendees every step of the way in the event’s journey, starting with the registration and ending with the post-event surveys. Processes in each stage can be optimized to make the experience as smooth as possible. In the registration stage, for example, it’s best to have a sign-up form that allows using Facebook or other social profiles to get through registration faster. Although the registration forms should stay short, don’t forget to include specific questions about your attendees’ interests or expectations that can help you further shape the event offer.  You could also ask for their picture to add it to their badge. With every bit of personalization that is added their engagement grows. There are other communication-related aspects further into the event that deal with pre-event networking challenges, event apps, and post-event surveys. Read more to find out how to improve the way you communicate with your attendees throughout the event!

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event-insurance-managementWhat Event Planners Need to Know about Their Insurance

For event planners, it’s very important to have their events covered in case something bad happens during the event. Purchasing general liability insurance may seem to be the solution to get you covered in those risk situations. However, as this experienced event planner shares with us, it’s not necessarily so. Take your time to go through all her story. The bottom line is that you should double check with your insurance agent which kind of coverage you have and read your policy thoroughly.

business-travel-trendsUseful Insights about the Latest Trends in Business Traveling

Business mixed with leisure activities such as sightseeing and artistic/ cultural initiatives gave birth to a new trend in business travel. It has become quite popular for travelers to add a few extra vacation days at the beginning or the end of the business trip. A significant 20% of people between 35 and 64 years old combine their business trip with their holiday plans. This is a trend to watch by event planners so they can shape their offer based on attendees’ needs.  Check out more useful insights about business traveling and think about the ways in which the events industry has to respond!

event-industry-awardsWhy You Should Be After Winning Event Awards

As the award season is approaching, event professionals are pondering the decision whether or not to submit their entries. Though applying for an award involves both sustained effort and consistent financial investment, the rewards make them worthwhile. Think about all the benefits from a marketing standpoint: the award itself generates media attention, adds more power and visibility to your brand and makes your company more appealing to potential clients. At the same time, seeing the results of their work appreciated would make the event team feel proud and motivated to be part of the company. Read more about the impact of awards on businesses in this blog post.

An industry award could also help attract sponsors as they always like to associate their name with a powerful brand. Now we know one more thing about how to keep a good relationship with event sponsors. Can you think of anything else? Please write your comments below, if you’d like to share.

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