There are two things every event planner needs: fresh ideas and everyday productivity. It’s hard to come up with dozens of new insights at a snap. It’s even harder to stay 100% focused all the time. Thankfully, technology is here to help us be more creative and productive. We’ve rounded up a few ideas that will stir up your creativity, boost productivity, and even save you some money on your next flight!

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persuasion-cialdini-articleCialdini Adds a 7th Principle of Influence

After 30 years, Robert Cialdini releases a sequel to his best-selling book, Influence. The new book Pre-suasion adds a 7th principle to his long-standing 6 principles of influence. This new principle, called “Unity” refers to the influence a shared identity has on each of us. We’re expecting this to be another must-read book for anyone in the business of persuasion.

google-io-eventGoogle Innovates Its Own Developer Conference, Gets Inspiration From Music Festivals

It’s normal for global companies to conduct their own marquee events every year. But this year, Google went to a whole new level for their developers on their Google I/O event. Instead of going with the humdrum conference format, the tech giant took a cue from music festivals. They made the venue visually interesting and added very engaging activities for everyone. The innovative event featured open-air tents, geodesic domes, and even food trucks. The conference was organized by SuperFly, the team behind Bonnaroo and other music festivals.

talking-1590832_1920Get Smarter With These TED Talk Alternatives

TED Talks has occupied a hallowed space in our browsers for quite a while now. If you’re looking for more “ideas worth spreading”, you don’t need to limit yourself to Big Red over here. Get refreshing insights through videos from 99U, Google and Ignite. The best thing about them: these content platforms deliver deep insights all for the exceptional price of free.

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email-addresses-articleThe Secret To Discovering Any Email Address

The traditional (and most hated!) way of customer prospecting is to buy a database. If you want to be more efficient and effective, lose that tactic. Through data analytics, companies are coming up with solutions that better connect to customers and partners.

These 12 apps and tips will become your best buds when you need to hunt for that one crucial business contact you need.

routine-happiness-articleBoost Productivity With A Ritual That Takes Less Than 30 Minutes Each Day

Imagine increasing your productivity by 31% in just 23 minutes each day. Can it be so simple and quick? Harvard-trained researcher Shawn Achtor says it’s possible. Training to be positive gives you the competitive advantage you need by increasing intelligence, creativity and energy levels. Achtor calls the ritual “The Happiness Advantage” which only takes 23 minutes to complete. It’s something even the busiest event professional can do daily.

hubspot-article-origMake Meetings More Productive: Use These Scheduling Tools

Do you feel like the Flash, running off to back-to-back meetings all day, everyday? Seems like an impossible task (unless you’re a speedster). How do you keep up? HubSpot lists a set of scheduling tools that will help you stay on top of your meetings. Set meetings by doing polls, pairing each person’s free slots, or by collecting everyone’s preferred times. One even gives you a personal assistant at the tap of a finger!

google-flights-articleGet Flight Price Precognition With Google Flights

Google recently introduced price tracking notifications to Google Flights. It’s making air travel even more enticing for both the avid wanderer and the thrifty event planner. The update sends notifications about possible flight price by analyzing historical ticket price data.

While it might not be 100% accurate, it still gives a fair advantage to those who want to save on flight costs.

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venue-inspection-article10 Surprises You Might Expect From Your Next Site Visit

As an event planner, you’re no stranger to the pilgrimage that is the site visit. While you’re hopeful that the venue would be all you’ve dreamt it would be, the reality is often not as picture perfect as you expect.

From the parking issues to unfinished renovations, here are just some of the issues you might expect in your next venue visit.

event-tech-article10 New Event Tech Companies To Watch

Event marketing has come a long way from its pen-and-paper project management days. This year, ibtm World and EventMB chose 10 finalists to “battle” it out in Barcelona for the top spot in event technology. Here are some of the finalists that caught our eye:

corporate-gifts-article11 Memorable Holiday Gifts You Need To Give Your Customers This 2016

Not a lot of people know that holiday gift giving is a big event for marketing departments the world over. After all, gift-giving is a branding activity, and one that every company should plan for carefully. But more often than not, these holiday items are the same boring forgettable things people tuck away in their drawers each year. If you want your holiday gifts to have an impact, maybe these ideas can help? After all who doesn’t enjoy having a personal assistant or a free luxury ride to work?

How you do you practice creativity each day? Let us know in the comments below and it might even get into a future Favorites article!

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