Anywhere and anytime, you can easily pick up bits of information or hacks that’ll contribute greatly to your life and work. Whether it comes from books, from a random chat with friends, or from the article you just accidentally clicked online, you’ll have to agree that you learn something new daily.

This time, let’s make it easier for you. We’ve round up the best news and articles for your inspiration.

influencersThe 40 Events Industry Influencers You Should Follow Right Now

Experience has taught you better than  books on how to improve your skills in creating buzzworthy events. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to just relying on your own experiences. Continue improving your knowledge and skills by following the experts! Thanks to social media, you can just hit that follow button and you’ll have the latest tips and tricks on the events and hospitality industry with SocialTables’s recommended 40 social media influencers. PS: Can you spot our very own Will Curran’s Twitter handle in the list?

productiveThe Simplest Things You Can Do to Be Super Productive

Most of the time, you just wish that time could just magically stretch longer so you can throw out your must-dos in the “accomplished” bin. Life is unpredictable and different surprises just pop here and there. But there are just some people who can easily overcome any challenge and be super productive, ready for the next day without stress. In the end, it’s not all difficult to be productive with the time you only have, just read on to find out these secrets.

gymEasy Tips You Can Do to Stay Fit While Traveling for Work

Working in an events production company also means expecting a lot of traveling from one place to another. How can you even manage to stay fit and keep that balance between your work and life? The podcast show,” The Productivity Show” by Asian Efficiency Team invites Work. Life. Fitness founder Alistair Clark to share his simple travel hacks to keep your busy self, healthy.


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fb_liveBe the Host of Your Own Show through Facebook Live

Come to think of it, you can monetize the content that you post online, whether it’s just an Instagram photo or a thousand-word article. Facebook Live is fast becoming the go-to medium for businesses to shoot their events live. Turn Facebook Live into a daily program just like what you see on TV. But how do you do just that? Lifestyle expert Chalene Johnson shares how she uses Facebook Live through this podcast.

macIs the MacBook Touch Bar the Machine to the Future?

Competition is tight in the world of tech. Every year, each company has to release a breakthrough product to catch everyone’s attention and tell the world that, “Hey, this is newest cool thing in the market and you got to to have this.” Apple isn’t new to this kind of game, which brings us to the release of MacBook Touch Bar – a keyboard update that you might need. But is it even necessary and worth the money? Find out in Jacob Kastrenakes’s review.

clockStop Dreaming and Start Living with These Habits

It’s nice to talk about each others dreams, what mark you want to make on this world But isn’t it dull to just talk about it and not start doing something about it? Ric Kelly, owner of a leadership consulting company, tells us how to convert dreams into concrete visions and be super productive. You’ll be surprised on how simple habits can make it all happen as long as you keep your motivation along the way.

stopStop Your Event Attendees from Leaving Early

Okay, so your event just had a blasting introduction and an exciting lineup of activities for everyone. The problem comes when at closing. Where are the hundreds of people who were present in the past few hours? Endings, just like in a fairytale, should always be happy and the  Event Manager Blog gives us 8 tips to stop your attendees from leaving early.


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tiredKnow Burnout and the Ways You Can Treat It

Do you have the feeling like the whole office building just exploded and crashed down your back? Feeling restless and can’t stop wanting to be super productive? Well congratulations, you have burnout. This is no ordinary side effect of stress. And what’s worse, not treating it might cause you more than keeping a grumpy face.

caterInsider Tips You Need to Know to Have a Successful Catering Business

A catering business is no joke. You may think of a caterer’s job to be similar to a restaurateur’s, but there’s a great difference between the two. If you’re up for the challenge of handling a flexible food-service business where you need to expect the unexpected, Entrepreneur has a few tips for you. Do you think the catering business is meant for you? Read on to know more.

gamesStart Training now Gamers, eSports Might Soon be in the Olympics

The world of video gaming has been here for years. Tournaments for popular RTS, MMO, and other games continue to draw players to compete and viewers to participate. Because of this, gaming hotspots from Los Angeles, USA to Seoul, South Korea have been pushing eSports to be in the Olympics. Can you imagine video games to be a part of the 2024 Olympics?

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