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As Barney Stinson exemplifies in How I Met Your Mother, there is no better way to start a conversation with someone you’ve been wanting to talk to than an introduction. This does not only apply in the dating world, but also in sales. Referrals are one of the most overlooked, but powerful, tools that can be used to gain prospects.

We know; it can be awkward asking a past client to facilitate an introduction to someone you have been dying to meet with, but, if you have provided satisfactory service, why would they NOT want you to help a friend? With a referral, your prospect already has a sense of trust for you because someone else they know and trust believes in your service.

Linkedin is a great way to see who know the people YOU want to get in touch with. Look for the people or companies you have been trying to get in front of, and Linkedin will show you how you are connected to them. Then, it is as simple as requesting an introduction. Utilizing this site can help get your foot in the door with someone you have been dying to sit down with.

After any event, it is important to do a follow up call the next  business day to find out about all of the successes and any problems. If you have produced an amazing event for your client, this is the time to ask for a referral! The fantastic job you did is on the top of their mind, and they are more willing to take the time to do this simple favor for you!

It’s not only about who you know, but how the people you know can help you!

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