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Great Business Tools to Help You Save Time, What Video Platform is Right for You & How to Easily Find Customers on Twitter [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites shows you some great tools to help you save time and improve your business. It also helps you decide on the video platforms that work best for you and raises awareness about Generation Z and how they’ve already started changing the way we plan meetings and events. Find out more interesting topics in the articles below!

productivity-business-toolsGreat Business Tools to Help You Save Time

Everybody looks for ways to save time and money, and it’s really exciting when you come across some helpful tools to improve your productivity without the burden of heavy costs attached to them. Toggl is one such tool that helps you better manage your team’s working hours by tracking their activity in real time. You get to measure and eventually pay only for the time spent on a certain project or task. At any time, you’ll be able to have an overview of your team’s progress and your billable time. Another interesting tool is Gigster, a cost-effective solution when building a mobile app for your business. You can rely on the best developers to put your idea into practice and all this at the best price on the market. Check out more productivity resources and business tools to help you save time!

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online-video-platformsWhat Video Platform is Right for You

Even though YouTube is still the no.1 online video platform, there are a few notable others worth using or monitoring at least. Online video platforms have known a rapid growth in the last two years, with YouTube dominance being seriously challenged for the first time. Brands, marketers and publishers now have a wider choice when it comes to building audiences, selling products or launching services. The content they create or distribute needs to match the specific features of the online platform they decide to use. Each platform has its own video length and lifespan, and potentially is a better fit to either desktops or mobile devices. Here is a helpful review of the video platforms worth following in 2015 to help you decide what works best when reaching out to your audience!

generation-zWhat You Need to Know About Generation Z

There’s been a lot of talk about Millennials, but not so much about Generation Z. As event planners, we need to know all our audiences well, and Generation Z is no exception. Being born between 1995 and 2010, these people have always been exposed to the Internet and mobile devices. This fact naturally leads to a specific way of communication and is one of the reasons cross-platform marketing fits best when targeting them. Bringing in diversity into your event’s agenda is a must if your attendees are the Generation Z type. At the same time, using audio-visual elements is what works best for them when learning is the main focus of your event. Check out more interesting facts about Generation Z and how these affect meeting and event planning!

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find-customers-on-twitter-followerwonkHow to Easily Find Customers on Twitter

Did you know you can easily find customers on Twitter? All you need to know is who you are looking for. You can start searching for prospects by using free tools such as Followerwonk that help you look through the users’ bios based on the criteria of your choice. You can easily add them to a private list so you can check their updates regularly, follow them and initiate discussions when appropriate. Other tools like IFTTT can help deliver straight to your inbox all the tweets that you would be interested in following up. Here is everything you need to know to set up an efficient process for finding prospects and customers on Twitter. Keep in mind all these handy tools to help you save time!

soundtracks-theme-parksWhy Music Is Important for Theme Park Attractions

If you ever visited a theme park, then you’ve probably noticed that music was a constant part of your experience. No matter how much the visual attractions matter, without music you wouldn’t feel the same way. For this very reason, there’s the music producer who prepares a library of songs for every possible attraction and designs the appropriate sound system to bring the creative vision to life. Every piece of music that is created has a dedicated purpose: it can be played in the background, it can help tell a story or it can accompany a parade or other live performances. Either way, music defines the visitor experience in more or less subtle ways. Read more to learn about the importance of music and the motivations behind the audio designs used at theme parks!

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content-marketing-strategyThe Secrets of Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Brands such as Unilever and Vice have learned their lessons about building brand-committed communities and making their content valuable to its consumers. What helped them succeed was knowing that the secret of communication with their audience lies in stirring up their emotions and engaging with them based on deep-rooted shared values. Their teams also use market research to anticipate trends and come forth with the right content even before people realize that they want it. Learn more about the principles that a content marketing strategy should be built on by looking for inspiration at the companies that have meaningful conversations with their followers!

recommended-books-elon-muskWhich Are the Most Inspiring Books Recommended by Elon Musk

If you share the same deep interest in science and startup businesses as Elon Musk, you will appreciate his book recommendations. A few of them center on famous figures, known for their great contributions to science, business or public welfare. A few others are about the understanding of the world around us and about the changes we can make for better or for worse. Elon Musk’s love for science and knowledge is not only reflected in the companies he created, but also in his book choices. Check out nine inspiring titles with interesting correlations to Musk’s life and beliefs!

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keeping-employees-motivatedHow to Keep Employees Committed to Your Organization

Treating employees well is more important than money when it comes to keeping them motivated. Successful CEOs guide themselves by this principle. They already know the secrets of motivating employees to perform at their best. They know, for example, that the lack of time is one of the biggest problems of every employee today. Good managers understand their needs and offer a flexible working schedule that allows employees to take care of their personal things or to spend time with friends and family. Showing gratitude and appreciation through small gestures other than offering a check is also known to have positive effects on people’s commitment towards the company they work for. Read more to find out other ways of engaging your employees and have them perform at their peak!

api-online-toolsHow to Pull In a Company’s Logo

Pulling in a company’s default logo has never been easier. With Clearbit Logo API, all you have to do is use a standardized web address that includes the company domain. You’ll then get the company’s logo at a default size. You can also adjust the size, the format and greyscaling of the logo by adding a few specific parameters. The API is easy to use and also comes with a helpful documentation. Check out how you can easily get any company’s logo with a simple URL address!

making-decisionsWhy Rational Decisions Can Be Poor Decisions

Whenever we have to make an important decision, most of us tend to over-analyze and build our pros & cons list conscientiously and rationally. We’re afraid of making poor decisions, and we presume that by gathering as much information as possible, we can’t go wrong in making the right choice. In this process, we often ignore what our gut feeling is telling us and in some cases this inner voice should count the most. Listen to an expert opinion on why over-analyzing can lead to poor decisions.

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