Having media attention on your event can give you the edge you need to grow your event for years to come if you use it correctly. Publicity will raise awareness of your event and you can use that new-found awareness to grow the events attendance and spread your message.

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Do I Really Need Press Coverage?

Coverage and  announcements in the media about your event can produce very real benefits for your organization or cause. Media coverage has major PR value. Whether it is providing legitimacy, or increasing awareness of your event you can be sure having the media pay attention to your event will greatly benefit you. Below are a few examples of how media attention will benefit you.

Press Provides Credibility 

Having major media sources provide coverage of your event speak volumes for your events credibility. It can strengthen the organization or brand showing that you are important and newsworthy. It will also provide social proof that your event is a big deal. People will perceive if the event is newsworthy it is important and legitimate.

Press Increases Visibility

Having your event in the media will raise awareness about your cause or organization. It can bring widespread attention to your event that you otherwise would have not had and boost public awareness. This will help promote your events attendance and maybe even attract sponsors. Your event will receive a lot of will free publicity from media coverage which is worth it’s weight gold.

So we all know that media attention is a fantastic thing for your event to have, but how do you go about getting it?

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How To Get The Media to Pay Attention

Create A Targeted Media List

There is no point wasting your time and contacting every media outlet possible. The first thing you need to do is develop a targeted media list. Find out which newspapers,

magazines, radio stations, television stations, websites or blogs will be interested in your event. Do your research and only target the media that you feel will actually be interested. Often this media source will have a similar target market to your own agenda or cause.

Contact Your List

After you have created your targeted media list, it is time to contact them. We recommend contacting each source on your list and letting them know about your event by phone. Calling your contact is a personal touch that will go a long way in beginning to establish a relationship! Get on the phone call them, ask them about deadlines and what information needs to be included for a press release. Ask them if they are willing to share your story before your big event so people can know about it and possibly attend. Remember, reporters are most interested in stories that have an element of human interest, involve a charitable cause, or have celebrity involvement. Try to find a way to incorporate one or more of these interests in your pitch.

Involve a Celebrity

Having a celebrity appearance at your event is a sure-fire way to get the media’s attention. Today more than ever our culture is fascinated by celebrities. Not sure where to start, or how to get a celebrity to come out to your event? Start with celebrities that have connections to your location or that believe in your cause. For maximum press coverage it is best to actually have the celebrity make a live appearance. However, if that is not possible try to get them to still be involved maybe ask them to provide something for a silent auction like a signed baseball or endorse your cause and event on social media. You can then pass this information onto the news and local media who will certainly be interested in hearing your story.

Tie Your Event To A Social Cause

By tying your event to a current social cause the media will be more likely to have a peaked interest in your event. Perhaps some of your proceeds will go to a local charity. Maybe you are having an event to raise awareness about a cause. Anything tying your event to a social cause that benefits and helps people will raise interest from the media.

Get Amazing Photographs of Your Event

Photographs of your event are an absolute must. In todays visual world you will not get press attention without them. Hire a professional photographer to ensure your photos are bright, colorful and press worthy. It is best to get candid photographs that tell stories as opposed to just people smiling at your camera. Make sure the photographs have human elements and emotional connections. Also when hiring a photography be sure to get a shared copyright release and digital files from your photographer so you can share the photos with the media and always credit your photographer in the photo information. You can easily email the digital images over to various sorts of press in no time! The faster you can get your images out to the press the better!

Now you are equipped to start working on getting press attention at your events! If you have any other tips on how to get press attention at events leave us a comment below! We would love to hear what you have to say!

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