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We all know about that meeting room in the office. The one that is used for brainstorming sessions, conference calls, board meetings, baby showers, and probably more naps than you can even imagine. This hotbed of creativity and innovation is… well…. not. Consider one of these unique offsite meeting spaces that will energize your next corporate meeting.

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A Few Offsite Meeting Spaces to Consider

1) Hitting a Homerun

Bringing together the leaders of your company can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Most Sporting stadiums and arenas have great clubroom space or suites that can double as a boardroom for groups of 10 to 50 or more. With views of the field, high-quality catering, and cost saving “down seasons”, these venues are sure to impress your team.

2) Night Clubs: Day What?

Ever wonder what the local hot spots are doing during the daytime. Chances are, they are closed – and that is a prime reason to check out these as an option for one of your next offsite meeting spaces. Nightclubs are equipped with state-of-the-art Audio/Visual technology that is often cheaper than carry-in options. Since the space is sitting during the day, they have started creating packages with corporate meetings in mind.

3) Adding a Little Drama

Theaters are often overlooked as a unique space for your corporate meetings. Sure, we use Theaters in its standard form, audience in seats and presenter on stage, to maximize space and direct attention to one central focus, but why not flip that experience. By bringing in rental tables and chair, the Stage can serve as a fantastic behind-the- scenes location for any board meeting or smaller group setting.

4) Dining In

Restaurants are quickly becoming a solid option for meetings both casual and formal. Buyout’s have been around for a while but are a pretty costly option for the standard meeting. That said, private dining rooms are becoming the norm in volume based restaurants. The Local, an Irish Pub in Minneapolis, has 3 individual meeting spaces, all which serve its own unique clientele. Keep in mind that restaurants tend to be busy during the Lunch hour, so if you are looking for a deal, stick to off service times.

5) Get Cultured

Your local museum or cultural institutions can be pillars of creativity and innovation. Libraries, art museums, and historic buildings are improving functional space in effort to meet an increased meeting + event demand. These locations often have time restrictions, but they can make quite an impact in a corporate meeting setting. For example, The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has specific meeting space available during its public hours. After the facility has closed, they host a variety of public events and receptions.

6) Keeping It Local

Whether you are hosting a meeting in your companies home city or taking it out of town, local iconic attractions can tie your meeting to its location. In Seattle, the Space Needle has private meeting and event spaces that provide you with fantastic views of the city. In St. Louis, there is a meeting space attached to the Gateway Arch. Even at CNN headquarters in Atlanta hosts meeting and private events.

Develop Your List of Offsite Meeting Spaces

Take some time to put together a few venues in your local community that might be outside of the box. If it is an NFL Stadium, a hot new restaurant, or the renovated theater in your city center, write it down as a possible spot for your meetings. You will not believe how quickly that list will grow and your guests will be thankful that they don’t have to meet in the same room 5 times in one day. Looking for a starting point for event venues in Phoenix? Check out our list of unique Phoenix event venues.

What other offsite meeting spaces have you used to change up your corporate meetings?

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