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3 Must-Read Articles of the Week: The Future of Events, 5 Tips for Effective Brainstorming, Guide to Productive Fridays

By November 14, 2014April 5th, 2022No Comments

A perfect transition into your weekend, this week’s Einsteins’ Favorites: Brian Solis on the Future of Events in a Connected Society, 5 Tips for More Effective Brainstorming, and 6 Top Secrets to an Exceptionally Productive Friday.

Brian Solis on the Future of Events in a Connected Society

As Brian Solis, digital analyst, speculates in his keynote address in New York on the recent advancements in social media and technology and how it relates to the Millennial generation, it is important, as an event planner, to keep in mind the audience’s ability to hold attention on a particular subject at one time. Solis shares practical insight on what exactly event planner should be focusing on when building an event from the ground up and reminds us all of what events are really for; as “architects of experience,” our responsibility is to captivate the audience and provide a foundation for great experiences to be made. This 35-minute keynote address video is a must-watch, the future of events depends on it! The video is provided below or follow this link to BizBash where the video was initially featured.

5 Tips for More Effective Brainstormingbrainstorming tips

No matter what industry you may be apart of, and especially the events industry, brainstorming is the most useful of techniques for ideating, product/service development, or just plain getting things done. Here’s the catch, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. This provided article points at the 5 tips you and your team need to be focusing on when in your next brainstorming session; tips like mapping, role-playing, and reverse-storming! View the full article here.


6 Top Secrets to an Exceptionally Productive Fridayproductive fridays

This is a goal I have been struggling with since my inception, having a productive Friday (and don’t act like I’m the only one)! Luckily for me, recently published an article on how to break ground on productive Fridays and it is important we share: hack your Friday schedule to get more done by starting your day earlier, avoid the black hole of email, and more! See the full article here.


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