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There have been three transformational moments in my professional career. The first was learning how to delegate when I hired my first employees. The second was developing a good sense of work / life balance through better time management. And the third was discovering the life-changing transformational power of creating flowcharts in Lucidchart – especially for my event processes.

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I am here today to discuss the third item and for the record I do not work for Lucidchart, nor do I receive any financial compensation for recommending it – although I wish had set up some type of agreement.

The Challenge

Flowcharts, org charts, diagrams, whatever your preferred term for them is, have been around for a long, long time.

1924 Flowchart

Source: Unknown – 1924 Vintage Finance Flowchart

The beauty of this visual form of communication is that it can easily communicate things, not so easily communicated by words, such as the order or flow of actions being taken in real life. At Design Pickle we live and die by flowcharts so we’re able to ensure quality and speed as we deliver next day graphic design for our clients. Without them, it would be impossible to communicate how we work to our global team through written description alone.

Here’s an example of a flow we created to improve a user’s signup experience:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.07.27 PM

What limits most people from embracing this form of communication has been the speed in which we can create a flowchart. Our brains moved faster than the tools we had available. Past attempts at flowchart software made the process about as easy as Japanese calligraphy. Some could master the tools, but for the rest of us we kept to our bulleted lists and gnarly whiteboard sketches.

The Breakthrough

I fell into this bucket too until I discovered the beauty and ease of Lucidchart. As a 100% free tool, I was creating my first flowchart – without any direction or manual – and I was actually able to figure out the tool instantly. Soon I made the biggest breakthrough: I could work at the speed of my BRAIN! This took things to a whole new level.

Soon anything became fair game for a flowchart. Chores for my family? FLOWCHART! Changing the printer ink? FLOWCHART! Closing down a marketing event? FLOWCHART! Mapping my day-to-day event processes? FLOWCHART!

Soon my life was filled with easy to follow – and easy to update – flowcharts.

To prove the epic power of a flowchart, I decided to create one to help get you started. We aren’t aiming for sexy here – the goal is to get your idea down and do it fast.

Flowchart Like A Boss

Will's blog - New Page

Go Forth And Flow

The simple but powerful trick is to just get started. Once your brain starts thinking in squares and diamonds you’ll find yourself using the tool more and more. Need some ideas on where to get started? Here are five ideas to jump start your brain. Good luck and happy flowcharting!


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Russ Perry

Author Russ Perry

Russ Perry is an Arizonan native and has spent the last 10 years working with brands such as Apple, LG, Morgan Stanley and the Harlem Globetrotters. In 2014 he founded Design Pickle, a startup that provides unlimited graphic design help for only $195 per month. Russ believes there is a better way to get your day-to-day graphic design done and it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune or even worse – take up all your time. Learn more about Russ and his startup at

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