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GoVig Shows Flair Using AV Production

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What do you think about when someone mentions a corporate event? I bet the image you picture is pretty similar to this: A standard 4 walled room, round tables with some kind of standard arrangement, and a stage with a screen projecting a powerpoint. Basically, the event meets all the functional aspects but simply lacks a bit of flair. Corporate events tend to shy away from bold themes to keep a neutral and professional environment. Your company events should be the exact opposite because this is the perfect opportunity to not only showcase your brand visually but your company culture. We recently teamed up with GoVig, a headhunter agency, to produce their event of the year. From Skull Head Vodka awards to live remote cameras, this was not your typical corporate event.

GoVig and Associates Celebrates Employee Success

Govig StageGoVig and Associates is a leading company in the Executive Search industry, but what is even more impressive is their culture. It is to no surprise that they are the 10-time winner of “Best Places to Work Arizona”. We have partnered with GoVig as their AV production team for the past two years to bring to life their annual awards ceremony. GoVig puts on a stunningly unique event for their employees that captures the essence of their company. It’s hard to walk into the event and not want to be a part of it all.

AV Production helps GoVig Go Gatsby Themed for 2015

Govig Stage with DancingGoVig’s great gatsby themed decor amongst The Venue of Scottsdale was the perfect opportunity to flair up the event with a touch of accent lighting. The use of LED lights is a great and quick way to showcase your theme colors by uplighting drape, decorations, or even simply the walls of the venue.  A small, but personal favorite was lighting a display of Skull Head vodka with LED strips. An eye-catching way of showing off the clever, and highly desirable awards of the night.

Govig & Associates Skull AwardsWe didn’t want to stop at enhancing the Gatsby themed night with lighting because winning one of GoVig’s Skull Vodkas is a high honor and each recipient deserves to feel like they are at the Grammys. To capture each moment, we provided live remote crowd cameras. Every recipient was captured on the big screen from when their name was called to their acceptance of the award on stage. What high-end awards ceremony misses those moments? Live remote crowd cams are great for more than making your award recipients feel like celebrities. With easy and smooth movements controlled by one of our skilled video technicians, the night was captured in the perfect frame whether it was a speaker on stage, dancing guests or the DJ entertainment for the night.

Flair Up Your Next Corporate Event

If there is anything to take away from GoVig’s incredible event, it is this. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your theme and really showcase your night with a few, small, but very flashy audiovisual elements. The use of LED uplighting is a stunning way to showcase your theme colors of the night and to draw focus to a dance floor. Lighting fixtures have an incredible way of guiding your attendees through the night. Consider the unique touch of incorporating live crowd cams to make each moment visible to your entire audience. Don’t stray away from getting creative and showcasing your company. The Skull Head vodka screams headhunters and we can’t stop raving about them!

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