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One of our very favorite event trends right now is the use of marquee signs for event decor. From concerts, corporate events, trade shows and weddings marquee signs are being used everywhere for a stunning visual impact.

This event trend is a great nod to the past. Marquee signs are nothing new. In the past marquee signs were used typically above a hotel or theatre. A marquee is often identifiable by a surrounding cache of light bulbs creating a warm glow of light. Some Marquee signs will even blink or flash for a more dramatic design statement.


We love the event trend of using  marquee signs for event decor. From the use of letters to logos and symbols for events, this is a trend that we think will stick around for years to come. Using marquee signs for event decor will also help to create a fun and festive ambience for your event.

This event trend is  exceptionally great for events with a nod to the past such as a 1920’s or Great Gatsby themed event. However, marquee signs are not limited to any theme and are extremely versatile. It is safe to say using marquee signs is a great event trend to jump on no matter what type of event you are having.

Above band Every Time I Die joined in on the marquee sign event trend by using a custom logo marquee sign as their backdrop for their stage on the 2013 All Stars Tour.

Another unique way to incorporate this event trend is by using marquee signs to mark key spots in your event such as the bar, cocktail lounge or photo booth.

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Image Credit: Love sign  | Bazaar Noir Sign  | Chris Romano Photography |

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