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This week, we have some event tech news for those interested in the behind-the-scenes of event companies.

To start, we’ve discovered that PSAV was recently acquired by Blackstone. Another is the IPO of Eventbrite, which is also shaking up the industry a bit. TSNN also concluded its awards night recently.

Read on for more news and event planning tips to go with it. And don’t forget to grab our free event planning checklist if you haven’t yet!

Eventbrite Goes Public

As a testament to the growing power of the events industry, Eventbrite has announced a $200M IPO in a bid to remain at the top of the registration game. The company launched back in 2006 and was the first of its kind to cater to small businesses. Today, Eventbrite continues to expand its products and services despite increased competition from services like Facebook (which is continuously rolling out event-focused tools), Evite, and Live Nation. The IPO also counts as a win for Eventbrite’s many partners, who are also major players in the events industry.

Go Unplugged at Your Next Event

Big events are usually associated with connectivity and being online, but there are ones that would benefit from having as little of this as possible. These “unplugged” events could come in the form of a mobile-free session, or having a “blackout zone” where no technology is allowed. Aside from helping attendees immerse themselves better in the event, going unplugged also helps you increase networking opportunities and provide a host of niche advantages. The trick is knowing which event to unplug, and how to navigate the pros and cons of each one. More importantly, you have to ensure that you have an alternative activity during the time you’re going tech-free.

Blackstone Acquires PSAV to Help Energize Event Production

PSAV is known for its many innovative AV-related services. It specializes in audiovisual audience engagement, from interactive video walls to cool wearables that help drive participation. Now, the event expert has been acquired by private equity firm Blackstone, as the latter sees more and more clients will move to outsourcing event production to companies like PSAV in the future. While the acquisition is not without its concerns, this development is a rallying beacon for everyone involved in events, highlighting not just the dominance of tech-driven innovations but also the importance of the industry as a whole.

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Find the Right Venues and Spaces with These Tools

Whether you’re in a rush to find the venue for your next event, or just want alternatives to add to your plan, there are tools that can help you out. Bizzabo lists four tools that bring dozens of possible venues straight to your fingertips. Thisopenspace, for example, helps you search not just via venue features but also via your specific audience demographic. If you want exceptional support to come with your tool, then Social Tables is the answer you’re looking for. Jump into the article to discover other tools to help you snag the perfect location for your events.

The Exhibition Buyer’s Guide Returns for the Third Time

The Exhibition Buyer’s Guide is one of the best resources for those looking for suppliers for trade shows, exhibits, and similar events. It packs everything from design ideas to technologies, turning it into a must-have bridge between vendors and buyers. You can download the guide by visiting the link above. This also gives you an option to contribute or get featured in future editions of the guide.


Trade Show Lessons: Learning From Failure and Success

There is no better way to learn about the best practices of exhibits than to learn from the successes and mistakes of the past. You know that the first impression your display generates really matters, and that you really need social media backing to help propel your brand. But the point is more painfully driven when you lack these and end up with an underperforming trade show booth. This article examines what you could do right, and what you could do wrong, to make your booth stand out amongst competitors.

The TSNN Awards and Transformation

Transformation is this year’s TSNN Awards theme. Its various shows provided an object lesson of what the word means in an event context. Instead of the tired old setting of exhibits and industry clichés, this era’s events need to be lively, dynamic, and unique if they are to stand out. You should create experiences that the attendees have never had before, instead of just conforming to a template or a set of benchmarks. Technology should just be a way to drive connection and meaning, and not the end-all, be-all of an event. And of course, today’s events need to be forward looking both in action and behind the scenes.

Create experiences that the attendees have never had before, instead of just conforming to a template or a set of benchmarks. Click To Tweet

Are Giveaways Dying Out? How Experience Is Taking Over

Because of the huge potential of experiential marketing, many now see it replacing many standard event practices. In fact, a few people foresee giveaways disappearing in favor of intangible but more valuable event experiences. This is largely driven by the millennial audience of events, who place much more importance on “living” instead of “having”. Conforming to this paradigm shift would require you to revisit your brand’s identity and mission.

Planning for Technology

Technology is meant to stand out, but not in a sore-thumb kind of way. As a planner, you need to make sure your exhibitors’ and attendees’ experience of technology is as seamless as possible. To do this, you need to understand precisely what your technology will be used for. WiFi, for example, should be reliable enough to handle large bandwidths of data securely. Using technology to create attendee experience (VR, AR, etc.) should also conform to the preference of your audience. To achieve these, you need to involve all stakeholders from the start of the planning process.

Find Your Event Planning Niche

Virtually every industry in the world could in one way or another use the services of an events professional. But as you journey in your career, you may eventually wish to specialize in a specific field instead. This guide helps you find your events muse based on your skill level and your approach to basic ideas. Of course, nothing beats first-hand experience in various event planning tasks to help you choose a niche on your own.



We think giveaways aren’t really dying out since people love their free stuff. But it isn’t giving the same returns that sponsors and clients want, so maybe it’s time to switch tactics.

Have you been whittling down on your sampling and freebies? What did you replace them with?

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