Want to have a flashy and memorable event? We have some event signage ideas to share with you to bring out the dazzle and razzle of your event.

Start by wowing attendees with 3D video mapping on the venue’s outer wall as they arrive. Inside, litter your location with classic neon signs to give it a homey diner atmosphere. And to increase engagement and participation, give out digital badges to the best attendees. Btw, attend our webinar for more tips and tricks to increasing event engagement.

The Trick to Increasing Your Event Planning Rates

While expanding your client base has always been the most effective way of earning more as an events planner, this is useless unless you are pricing your services right. The trick is knowing how to negotiate by knowing first who your ideal client will be. These are the people you serve best, and who are willing to pay premium for your services. You may also upgrade your brand by providing more value versus your competition and selling your strengths. Of course, this might also mean letting go of some clients in order to better serve others.

Why You Should be Using Digital Badges

Getting engagement from a community can be tough, and many look for ways to incentivize it. However, the simplest way might also be the most effective. For example, the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA) is encouraging engagement by giving digital badges as a reward for community participation. Actions merit points, and these points can lead to recognition (read: better badges). This form of gamification can be easily adapted to your events to boost participation. Aside from being fun, it also helps gauge a member’s growth within the community or event.

Supercharge Content Curation for Your Events

A content creator learns best from experience. Of course, your can shortcut your way to success by just taking cues from the best in the business. One such expert is Fenella Kernebone, and she shares some of her content curation secrets. From understanding the basic reason for the event to supercharging content via crowdsourcing, she gives tips on how to bring out the best content for whatever your event is. Learn how to take on a “curator’s mindset”, find fresh talent, manage the order of the presenters, and more!

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How to Build The Best Venues Out of Nothing

How can you turn a simple plywood wall into an entrancing work of art? Use 3D video mapping! This was the technique used by David Corwin when he designed an entrance for the Qatari royal family’s wedding event. To create a memorable entrance, he used 3D projection to create an “Infinity Wall” that was stunningly unique. This is a great idea not only for weddings, but for any event whether indoors or outdoors!

The Big Reason Neon Logos are Making a Comeback

Neon logos evoke an old-timey feel, especially reminding us of the days before LCD screens and humongous billboards. If you miss them, you’ll be glad to know that they are once again finding a home in the modern events landscape. Neon logos evoke a feeling of boldness and strength, perfect for some events that need to have an edgy feel. Take a look at some of the top brands that have successfully used the iconic look to bring a new vibe to their events.

Let Them Know You’re Listening, Not Just Hearing

Active listening is a very important trait in whatever industry you are, but most especially when detail of your work can change the outcome of your work, such as during a frenetic event. Of course, it’s also important to build the other person’s trust in you by letting them know that you understand what they say. From clarifying what they want to say to repeating them in your own words to pointing out things that stand out for you, you can use these six techniques to let people know that you hear and understand what they are trying to get across.

Boost Your Marketing Using 360 Video on Facebook

While Facebook video is a very powerful tool you can use to reach out to a bigger audience, it’s even more powerful if you apply the latest technology such as 360 video. The launch of Facebook Live 360 allows you to broadcast your video in this revolutionary format to your entire base of followers. From choosing a 360 camera to getting the best shots of your event venue, learn more about the things you need to consider when shooting your own 360 shots. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to integrate these videos to boost your current marketing campaign.

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The Secret To Being 90% Prepared for Every Interview

Preparation is just half of the battle, but being prepared gives you a strong upper hand. This is especially true for interviews, whether to get a new job or to get a new client. What exactly do you tell them when they want to know “more about yourself”? How about when they probe into your strengths and weaknesses? Does five years seem like so long a time that you wish to just “focus on the present”? How do you handle the touchy issue of pay? These and other common interview questions are discussed to help you gear up for any type of interview you might face.PS: We’re hiring!

How Science Can Help You Become 34X More Persuasive

Everything we say and do can help determine just how much influence we have in our daily lives. Sadly, there are those mistakes that can end up drastically reducing our persuasiveness — a vital component of business in the events space. For example, would you rather request for anything through email, or in person? Sure, email is more convenient and getting rejected this way doesn’t hurt as much, but it also drops your persuasive power 34 times. Learn the science behind this, and get more yeses by jumping in and seeking it in person.

How to Be a Better Leader By Giving Up Bad Habits

Being a leader isn’t just about learning new skills. It’s also about giving up those that don’t work. From relinquishing social media like Snapchat and Instagram, to using your commute time for music, to giving up on the “hero complex” that says you always have to be there to save the day, becoming a better leader is a struggle against oneself. Of course, making the right sacrifices result in personal growth that just ends up making you a better person overall.



In this article, we talked a bit about how to step up and get better rates. We gave tips on being an active listener, negotiating rates, and becoming a master persuader. But we’d like to know more: how do you get better rates? Chime in via our twitter, @helloendlessWatch #EventIcons - Live Question & Answer With #EventProfs

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