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Love it or hate it, event live streaming is becoming a staple at events. So gear up and join our very own Chief Event Einstein Will Curran as he looks into these concerns and gives practical tips on how to do live streaming right.

We know you have a lot of questions, and we’ve got answers. Will live stream impact event ticket sales? How can I do it for free? What tools do I need to make my live video engaging?

We’re also sharing a few tips on working through venue issues from making event sustainable to working with uncooperative venue staffs. Don’t skip reading the articles we shared about remote working, it’s a must if you’re managing a diverse set of creative people online for your events!

Event Live StreamingYou Should Be Reading These Event Magazines

Inspiration is always a good thing in our industry, and as event professionals we often find ourselves seeking it at every turn. For this reason, the industry has no shortage of magazines that keep us up-to-date on current trends and share inspirational stories. Keep up with the latest information in events by subscribing to these magazines! From backstage planning to specialized event knowledge, these 5 publications will help you step up your game and edge out the competition.

Event Live StreamingHow to Work Through Venue Staff Difficulties

Sometimes, even the best venues can be spoiled by unforeseen circumstances — uncooperative venue staff being one of them. The ground crew might not share the planner’s vision, or there might be some sort of friction preventing a smooth professional relationship. Fortunately, there are different ways to resolve these dilemmas. For starters, you can always indulge the venue staff and ask them for advice.  By asking for help it can have two effects; charming the staff, recruiting them to your side. Of course, it also helps if both parties can keep emotions out of the issue at hand and keep communication focused to the point. Read about these strategies and more in this guide.

Event Live StreamingSpice Up Your Event Seating

In events, seating tends to be static, even boring. If you apply yourself, it can actually give way to a lot of creativity! There are many factors to consider to create the best seating possible, such as the event type, the venue, how long the guests will sit, and more. Take inspiration from these quirky seating ideas that can help give your event more character. From luxurious velvet lounges to utilitarian backless benches, indulgent nap pods, and rustic hay bales, this guide is sure to help spice up your next projects seating.

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Event Live StreamingEvent Live Streaming: Are You Doing It Right?

Despite its popularity, there are still many issues surrounding live streaming events. Does broadcasting an event live impact ticket sales? What’s the best platform for live streaming? How can you make live streams accessible to a wider audience? Join our very own Chief Event Einstein Will Curran as he looks into these concerns and gives practical tips on how to do live streaming right. Make sure to take note of the technical points, which you can readily use at your own events.

Event Live StreamingBook These Green Venues for Your Next Event

Don’t miss the chance to turn your next event venue into a statement in itself. Events usually eat up lots of resources, creating more waste in our environment. These green venues can make a significant dent in reducing the carbon footprint your event will be leaving. Not only that, these venues also have all the trappings of modern locations like adequate space for corporate events, sound and lighting amenities, strong WiFi, and more. Learn more about these five locations with this guide.

Event Live StreamingAmps, Watts and Volts — Pay Attention!

There is still nothing as important as getting a good grasp of the basics, especially when it comes to powering your events. Having basic electrical knowledge ensures that each piece of tech used in your gathering, from lights to WiFi, will work as planned. Do you know if your chosen venue has enough electrical capacity to power your event? Do you remember the three basic electrical elements, and what they mean? Perhaps it’s time to take a refresher course and relearn the basics.

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Event Live StreamingHow Psychology Can Help You Deliver Better Service

The events industry is all about understanding what people want and delivering it in the best way possible. This is why psychology is such a powerful tool when it comes to business. By understanding the human psyche, we begin to unearth the things we can do to influence it. Here you will read more about how to harness your customers’ emotions and instincts so you can serve them better. Additionally, you can use the same knowledge to keep destructive impulses at bay, helping you stay focused on resolving any issues that come your way.

Event Live StreamingReady to Go Live? Here Are Tools That Can Help

As live streaming becomes more mainstream, tools are also popping up left and right to help event professionals create better live videos. This guide teaches how to use these apps, as well as points us to a list of essential apps to make our video work easier. Choose between both free and paid apps, and broadcast on different platforms as needed. These tools also provide other functionality to your streams such as real-time comments, community alerts and more.

Event Live StreamingHow to Survive a Remote Working Setup

Remote work offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities. However, it also comes with its own share of problems. While remote working allows you unparalleled flexibility, it might also lead to unexpected problems between you and any people you work with. For example, did you know that the way you dress could also affect how you work at home? Read on to learn important tips when starting a remote job, along with practical tips on building friendships with your remote team and avoiding distractions.

Event Live StreamingConflict Resolution for Remote Teams

Conflict happens pretty often in the conventional workspace, but the face-to-face setting often works wonders in squashing these issues. Remote setups don’t have this luxury, and sadly friction can easily cause the team to fly apart. Despite this, common conflict-resolution techniques can still help a lot in solving issues. For example, attempting to understand where both parties are coming from and establishing a steady line of communication can go a long way. These and other conflict resolution techniques can be found in the linked article, along with a deeper look into dismantling “element of the unknown” that can aggravate many remote disputes.



We know taking care of our customers and attendees is important but we also need to remember to take care of our staff, especially those that might get neglected without us knowing. Case in point, we need to give more attention to the needs of those working with us remotely since it’s hard to know if they’re are doing well or what troubles they might be facing.

What do you do to take care of your own remote staff?

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