Event AV design isn’t just about adding color and music to your events. It also involves creating a unique experience that attendees will never forget. For instance, could you give a one-of-a-kind travel experience to your audience without them leaving their seats? That’s what one Grammy pre-event party just did using event AV design, as you can read below.

Other ways to boost event engagement include adding some game elements aligned to your event goals, using new tech like VR and live streaming, and having a “why” for your event.

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Use AV Magic To Fly Attendees To Far Away Lands

Music can take you on a journey but this pre-Grammy celebration went to a whole new level. Remember how we’re always telling you about attendee engagement during your events? Well, this one takes the cake by changing the locale of the event to match the beat of the music through well-timed AV magic. The sounds, wrap-around projections, and LED wall shifted through scenes in Morocco, Iceland, India and Mexico City as the tracks picked up or slowed down. If a spectacle like that won’t create an indelible experience in your mind, I don’t know what will!


Should I Gamify My Events?

A great way to add a huge serving of engagement to your event is through gamification. In fact, this is one of our biggest 2018 Event Trends. At its core, this simply means incentivizing people to act in ways beneficial to the event in exchange for rewards that they’ll want to earn. Of course, just adding game elements isn’t the silver bullet you’re looking if you want to make your event interactive. You need to make sure it fits your event strategy and delivers an expected ROI. Don’t forget that your audience should want to play the game (and feel forced into it).


Top New Tech To Use For Your Events

People are always flocking to new experiences. This means that branded events need to keep pace if they want to attract an audience. Because of this, your next experiential marketing event needs to make use of new interactive technologies such as VR and live streaming. However, technology alone won’t cut it. You also need the crowd that goes with it, aka social media, and the online influencers who lead them. A few top execs from the world’s most creative companies chimed in with their thoughts on these new technologies in this article.

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Getting the Right Event Tech Each Step of the Way

These days, you can’t create events in a bubble. You need to add tech to each step of the event process to achieve success. From your event website to your automated marketing campaign, and especially your on-site event management app, you need to make sure all bases are covered. Otherwise, you’ll not only make more work for yourself, you might also piss off a few attendees (and even sponsors).


Venue Sourcing 101

An event’s success is often tied to its venue. This means that venue sourcing is a necessary skill in every #eventprof’s tool belt. You’ll need to learn how to negotiate venue concessions, automate RFP creation and know how to get discounts for having flexible event dates. Thankfully, we now have systems that let us do these things digitally, saving us the headache and dollars in the process.


Avoid These Marketing Missteps

Creating the right experience for a branded event is critical. It’s not something you put up just for the sake of spending marketing dollars. It needs careful planning, the right venue, and the best people so that the company gets value from their money and effort. On top of that, brands should also be keenly aware of their event KPIs. If you did well, make sure to learn how and why so you can replicate the success. If it flopped, a look at the numbers they will reveal how to improve next time.


Best Ways to Stay Updated About the Events Industry

Staying on top of your event game means always being on the lookout for fresh insights and innovative strategies. Keep yourself up-to-date by following top sites in the industry, subscribing to magazines, and attending conferences. Getting a certification also helps since it grows your network and adds some authority under your belt. By the way, have you subscribed to our site? Join us and we’ll send you fresh news like this each week, straight to your inbox.

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Convention Centers Ditching Consumer Shows for B2B Events

Many city tourism boards are shifting their focus away from consumer shows and towards trade conventions. This is because the latter drives more revenues to the city in terms of transportation and accommodations. In fact, Anaheim Convention Center and Miami Beach Convention Center are both expanding their venues with this trend in mind. If you expect a lot of company attendees at your next event, you might just be able to use that as a bargaining chip to land the best locations in town.


How to Do Event Activation Right

Activation events are a staple in consumer marketing. But what does it take to create a great marketing activation event? The elements are simple, really. Passionate ambassadors, creative use of space and unique giveaways can help make your event more memorable. Add to that a quirky personality and integration with shiny new tech, and you have a winning event in your hands.


Find the “Why” of Your Event

Events are becoming a staple for companies when it comes to marketing their products. While everyone wants in on the action, staging an event isn’t just about pushing products, throwing lavish parties, and building over-the-top displays. People these days want their events to be relevant, which means your event needs to align with your broader mission. It needs to have a “why” to create that special connection with your audience.



You might think that the “why” of your event is the same as your event goal. The reality is the “why” should be seen from the perspective of the attendee, rather than the organizer. It’s the reason they took some time off, sometimes even flying thousands of miles at their personal expense, just to go to your event. Always be sure the “why” is clear.

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