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What It Takes to Be an Environment-Friendly Event Venue, How to Come up with Great Blog Topics & Why Wi-Fi Aware is the Next Best Thing [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites spreads the word about the ultimate technology released by Wi-Fi Alliance and how it can improve our connected lives. At the same time, it reveals useful tips to support your business by showing how to exchange business cards professionally. It also brings to your attention the sustainability of events and the best practices an environment-friendly event venue follows. Check out more interesting articles below!

green-certified-venuesWhat It Takes to Be an Environment-Friendly Event Venue

Making a green event depends to a large extent on the sustainability of the venue. By today’s sustainability standards and practices, recycling is not merely enough. There are management systems that enable a venue to become more efficient at waste, carbon and water management. An environment-friendly event venue monitors its progress towards its green goals by using specific ISO standards. A leading venue is also openly reporting its progress with its green initiatives. Read more to find out what else it takes to operate a sustainable event and which are some of the venues that are leading the green revolution!

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business-card-tipsHow to Use Your Business Cards Professionally

Exchanging contact information in the business world is crucial, and you need a business card to do it professionally. Always have your card updated whenever you change your job title, phone number or email address. Once you have the basics covered, you need to know how to handle business cards when you give or receive them. The goal is not to end up with a card collection, but to attach correct contact information to meaningful business contacts and use them as the start point in developing relationships. Check out this quick guide on how to handle business cards professionally!

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Blog_TopicsHow to Come up with Great Blog Topics

You have a blog, and you have an audience. Now you need to keep your followers engaged by publishing on a consistent basis. But how can you easily find topics to write about that your audience will appreciate? There are at least four ways you can use to generate ideas for your blog. The first step would be getting to know your audience well by interacting with them through comments or by observing which of your posts are more successful than others. Thinking about what’s relevant to your audience is another sure way to generate some great ideas. There are also effective tools that can help you find popular articles on the web based on particular keywords that define your blog’s scope and meaning. Continue reading to learn more details about each of the options you have available for finding interesting blog topics!

blog_post_lengthWhat is the Best Word Count for a Blog Post

How long should a blog post be for it to have a better ranking or get more shares? It has been argued that the bigger the word count, the higher the chances for your article to be favored by search engines. It can also be true that a lengthier blog post could show the most in-depth research and greater effort the writer put into it. In other words, it may stand as quite a solid proof of quality. On the other hand, people are complaining about their lack of time and this usually affects their reading behavior, being more inclined to skim. It turns out this long-debated issue of the blog post length has a very simple resolution. Check it out!

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wi-fi-aware-technologyWhy Wi-Fi Aware is the Next Best Thing

Released by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi Aware is one of the most important technology update we’ve heard lately. It even surpasses the already amazing capabilities of iBeacons. The greatest thing about this new technology is that it allows your Wi-Fi-enabled devices to communicate with other devices in your proximity without even needing an Internet connection. In fact, you will be able to send and receive information without having to connect to any of the devices you are in communication with. You’ll be aware of everything in your vicinity and have the possibility to subscribe to and receive notifications based on your selected interests. Check out what unbelievable things you could do once applications will integrate Wi-Fi Aware!

event-planning-nightmaresExpect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Event planning is righteously one of the most stressful jobs out there and being so unpredictable is one of the main reasons. During interviews with industry professionals, we’ve discovered what are their biggest fears on the day of the event and what plan B they have in mind. Some of them worry about the uncontrollable weather, others are afraid of not having enough attendees, others are worrying about vendors not showing up on time. These are just a few of the nightmares every event planner goes through. Take a look at these honest fears spoken by industry professionals and learn from their experience to always have a plan B in store!

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linkedin_profileHow to Get Everyone’s Attention on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with a promising future ahead. It is effectively used by recruiters in their hiring processes, and it’s also an extremely useful tool for professionals that simply want to connect and build business relationships. For a successful presence on LinkedIn and a better visibility as a global professional,  you need to use the keywords that best define your qualities and set you apart from the rest. A compelling clearly defined headline and job title might make the difference in getting you found by others on LinkedIn. Outlining a well-written benefits statement on your profile might just increase your chances in getting contacted by the right people. Check out five expert recommendations on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile!

mental-toughnessHow to Build Your Mental Strength

How do successful people manage to stay on top even in the most adverse conditions? The truth is that they have a winning attitude and never lose sight of their path. It’s about the power of controlling their emotions and staying committed to their goals. It’s never about pleasing others or focusing on setbacks and failures. Here are 18 things to keep in mind if you want to build a mentally stronger you!

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summer-event-setupHow to Organize a Remarkable Summer Event

If you’re planning a summer event, then you shouldn’t forget to incorporate some summerish elements into it! Everything, starting from the decor and ending with the cuisine and beverages, should be light and simple, however, presented in bold, attractive colors. And now that the weather allows it, the venue would ideally be outdoors, in the middle of the nature as much as possible. If that’s not an option, a refreshing view of the nature should be considered at the very least. Here is a helpful checklist of a summer event by all standards!

blogcaster-appListen to Your Favorite Articles While on the Go

Are you a voracious article reader but don’t have enough time to go through all of them? Now you can optimize your reading time with an app that converts articles into podcasts! With Blogcaster, you can take your favorite articles with you and listen to them on the go! The best part is that there’s no robot voice on the other side, but an actual human being reading loud and clear. You can add the articles you want to listen to by using a simple browser extension, or you could integrate Blogcaster with your podcast app. The app comes with a weekly subscription fee but for those of you always on the run, it might be worth it!

What do you think of our selection this week? Do you like the idea of collaborating with an environment-friendly event venue? What would you do as an event planner to make a green sustainable event? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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