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Everything at your event that runs needs power, whether it is the ovens for caterers, your light show, video or sound. This means that every vendor will be needing to pull power from a power source you provide. To ensure you have enough power at your event we suggest renting a generator. You need to be sure you have enough power for everyone and avoid any outages. To do so follow these 5 tips below:

1. Speak to every vendor, NOT just the obvious ones about power. Find out how much power each vendor needs. Never assume a vendor will not need power. There could be hidden power needs that arise the day of the event and if it is a surprise to you, you may not have enough circuits on the generator to support all vendors.

2. Allot power in terms of 20 amp circuits. Even though there may be multiple outlets in a venue, they could all be hooked up to the same 20 amp circuit. Make sure your vendors are also aware they need to request power in these terms.

3. Before you sign a contract with a venue, negotiate how much power they are giving you in your package. Always be sure that you are getting the most in-house power available so you don’t have to spend money on additional generators or a power-drops. Unfortunately, at some venues, renting a generator is necessary. This is especially true at outdoor venues. Make sure the generator company you are working with can provide enough cabling and spider boxes to reach all areas of the venue.

4. Keep in mind, older buildings tend to have less 20 amp circuits available and overall lower power supply. This can cause a problem on the day of your event if you are not aware or well prepared.

At Endless, we do a site survey with our clients to ensure there is enough power to cover, not only our event production and entertainment needs but also the other vendor’s needs. We do this to ensure that your event planning process is very easy from your first call to the final event.

Kaitlin Colston

Author Kaitlin Colston

Kaitlin Colston is the Content Alchemist at Endless Events — one of the leading publications in the events industry. With a passion for helping others and learning, she focuses on empowering eventprofs through content by sharing her knowledge gained from over 10 years in the events and marketing space.

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