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Endless named “Top Meeting & Event Planners”

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In the March 2016 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, Endless featured on the front page and was named one of the top meeting & event planners and commented on the coming event trends in 2016, and Will Curran shared the story of the most unusual event he planned. In this article, the top names in the events industry shared their view on the bright future for events in the next year.

Top Meeting & Event Planners in Phoenix Business Journal

Here is founder and Chief Event Einstein, Will Curran commenting on the largest event trend for 2016, event safety.

Safety and security will become front-and-center for event planners, particularly in the wake of so many high-profile events coming to the valley, including the Super Bowl and the upcoming NCAA Final Four, said Will Curran, founder and president of tempe-based Endless Entertainment.  “We have hosted some of the largest events and we need to be extremely focused on safety and security with the recent breaches in security at recent events,” Curran said.

Also when asked about his most unusual event planned, he shared experience planning an event in the middle of canyon:

I once planned an event with full AV (audiovisual) in the middle of a canyon, which the only way to get in was by 4×4.

Thank you to Hayley Ringle for writing about us and featuring us as one of the top meeting & event planners. To read the full article, go pick up your copy of the Phoenix Business Journal or subscribe today!

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