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Endless Entertainment Introduces Flogos

By July 6, 2012February 25th, 2019No Comments

Flo… what? Flogos stands for Floating Logos. Imagine clouds floating across the sky or your venue, in the shape of your logo or any shape you can dream of! Your imagination is reality with our new service called “Flogos”.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, Flogos is 100% environmentally safe (you don’t even need a permit- and the flogos will evaporate over time). Your logos will stop people in their tracks to watch the shapes float across the air. The shapes created by the Flogos can fly thousands of feet into the air, or even be set to stay closer to the ground based on how much helium is put into the system. It is 100% customizable!

Graduations: We can create a custom graduation year (2013, 2014, etc) shape, and have the year fly across the sky to literally take your class to new heights!

Dance on the clouds theme: Imagine using our low lying fog service (which covers the floor in a low lying fog), and then using the flogos to create real stars and clouds to create an immersive dancing on the clouds theme.

Underwater theme: Use the Flogos to create fish shapes which can swim above the crowd all night long.

Contact us today to receive information on how you can have Flogos at your next event!

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