At Endless Entertainment we believe that company culture is one of the most important parts of our business. We work a lot of long hours at events and as we all know events are hectic busy days with lots of hard work. We believe in rewarding our staff for jobs well done to show our appreciation for how hard they work. It is absolutely essential for any business to acknowledge employees and make them feel valued.

We thought a trip to Disneyland would be a great way to reward the top performers on the staff! We chose Disneyland because it was a great place to take a break from reality, have fun and be youthful (two of our core values!).

We spent the first day of the trip in Disneyland and of course snagged a few photos with the iconic castle and Disney himself! Some of our favorite rides from this day were Splash and Space Mountain.

IMG_0130IMG_0140The next day we headed over to California Adventures! We spent the day there enjoying rides like Tower of Terror, and seeing the amazing Cars Land. If you haven’t been yet make sure to check out Cars Land, it felt just like you were in the movie!!IMG_0147Overall we had a blast visiting Disneyland for a much deserved break! Enjoy a few more of our favorite photos below!disneycollage.jpgAre you rewarding your team? Comment below and let us know how!

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