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Emerald City Comicon 2015 Goes Endless

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“An event for fans, created by fans,” describes the environment perfectly when walking into the Northwest’s premier comic book and pop culture convention, Emerald City Comicon. Endless Entertainment lives to be a part of iconic events just like this one. Serving 80,000 people in 2015, ECCC comes back each year, bigger and better. Whenever we work with our clients, our goal is to not only meet their desired attendee experience, but to have their fans walking away saying, “What will they do next year?”. That’s not an easy task, but we try to do things a little differently around here to ensure a unique experience for every event.

2D and 3D CADs

Emerald City Comicon 2015There are so many moments in life when you wish you could envision a space differently. Especially if you were placing a 40’ by 24’ stage, two 13’ by 24’ projector screens, and three hanging truss structures with 50+ lighting fixtures in the Main Hall of your convention. You can’t exactly move these elements two feet back or a couple inches to the right. Or, can you? That’s the glorious thing about 2D and 3D CADs. They give you a scaled visual representation and let you make those small changes so you can have your perfectly designed event before a single thing is set up. CADs are the ultimate time saver to event professionals. All those branded circle tiles apart of the scenic on stage for ECCC were mapped out prior. Our clients were able to see those titles arranged in various ways: with their full logo, only part of their logo, and finally a mixture of both to capture the exact aesthetic appeal they were looking for. Many companies only offer CADs to large events, but we believe there is a large value in offering them to all our clients.

Not Your Vendors, An Extension of Your Team

It can be difficult just getting your goals and vision out onto the drawing board, let alone sharing it with all the vendors that play critical roles into actually creating your vision. This is the main reason we pride ourselves on being one of the few production companies that staffs almost completely in-house. From the very initial stages of your event, our team is already scheduling the on-site event staff and ensuring that each person is fully trained and knowledgeable in their role. Instead of booking 30 contracted staff in the Seattle area, we flew out nearly 25 of our own staff. To the contrary to what many of you are probably thinking, this is actually a cheaper option for our clients and brings a much higher quality to their events. To give light to this, a colleague of mine once told me that “contracted labor is a lot like a substitute teacher”. Sometimes this means losing the culture of that room and culture is what makes our team leading in this industry.

More Than Lights, Video, and Audio

Do you ever feel like the hospitality is lacking nowadays? I seem to hear, “Sorry, we are not going to do that for you” or “I can’t help you, I have no clue where the main hall is,” as a client or attendee at events. Endless exists and continues to flourish on the basis of providing an exceptional and memorable experience for every stakeholder. Our team is more than the lights, video, and audio at an event. You’ll also find us escorting attendees to their next panel when they’re not sure where to go, making last minute changes on-site for clients, running coffee to the event workers, and troubleshooting any and all issues that come up. No job is “not my job” and there isn’t a single member of our team that doesn’t love putting hospitality back into the business.

What’s To Come Next Year?

Fans can expect more panels, celebrity guests, and activities with the con expanding to four days instead of three. We’re already anticipating Emerald City Comicon 2016, dreaming up the perfect stage set up in the main hall and how we can extend our services to provide every attendee with a once in a lifetime experience. If you plan on attending ECCC 2016, make sure to look out for our superhero team! In the meantime, enjoy this video capturing our work at Emerald City Comicon 2015.

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