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Einsteins’ Favorites: Get the Ultimate Social Media Guide for Event Professionals & Unlock Your Social Influence With Valuable Ideas about Headlines

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites gives you access to the ultimate social media guide for event professionals when it comes to using LinkedIn and Facebook. It also reveals specific ways in which you can unlock your social reach by crafting relevant headlines for your audience.

linkedin-groups-event-profsHow to Use LinkedIn – A Social Media Guide for Event Professionals

Most often seen as less popular for content sharing than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a great potential for reaching an audience you wouldn’t reach otherwise. The largest professional social network out there, it currently attracts 187 million unique visitors every month and is the number one referral source for driving traffic to corporate websites. Beyond sharing personal status updates or posting on a company page, the most valuable feature LinkedIn provides is represented by group discussions. There lies the real potential for event professionals to build credibility and authority, which can reflect positively on the blog posts they are sharing within those groups. Here is an insightful article about how to use LinkedIn groups effectively. Consider it an indispensable part of the social media guide for event professionals!

digital-activations-in-sportsHow Sponsors Achieve Remarkable Activations with High Tech

Sports events are a good example to illustrate the direction sponsor activations are heading. Due to widely proven preference for cross-channel experience (mainly TV and mobile devices), digital activations started to happen in order to accommodate people’s changing lifestyle and to enhance their experience at the live games. Supporting a wi-fi connection at the games is a must if you want to encourage sharing the whole experience on social networks as much as possible. As it turns out, watching the sports game itself is only one part of the fun the attendees are interested in. Some brands managed to walk the extra mile with their creative ideas. What would you say if there were an app that allows you to order a beer/ hot-dog at the game with just a touch of a button? Or if you could check up on how crowded the toilets are? Read more to find out interesting digital strategies sponsors chose for promoting themselves at large sports events.

registration-desks-events11 Ways to Impress Your Guests with Remarkable Check-In Desks

Registration desks have a similar role to first impressions as they are among the first things people see when attending an event. In order to make that first good impression, event planners need to learn to play with design ideas that reflect the theme the event is focused on or that make a bold statement about the event. Mixing up colors and textures, as well as making good use of various eye-catching decor pieces can add significant weight to how attendees will perceive your company. It will also inevitably impact their perceptions and expectations of the event itself. Check out these incredibly well-designed check-in desks that can get you inspired for your next event!

virtual-reality-headsetsFascinating Technology is Bringing Sensational 360-Videos to Youtube

YouTube has recently added support for playing 360-degree videos, aiming for a greater immersive experience for their users. On one hand, it is an important step forward for Virtual Reality gaming. On the other hand, it takes us one step closer to a huge revolution of how we will consume media in the near future, from watching a news report to watching a movie. Adding a new dimension to the viewing mode can prove itself a major gain for event professionals as well as they make use of video footage on a regular basis. Learn more about this great development the Google team put forward!

facebook-guide-event-plannersThe Complete Facebook Guide for Event Professionals

If you are looking for the ultimate social media guide for event professionals, there’s a good chance you’ll appreciate this detailed Facebook tour. It walks you through the most important features and opportunities it provides for enabling effective marketing. You will learn all about how to organize contests on Facebook, how to create and promote an event listing, how to use Facebook’s paid advertising and much more! Take the tour, internalize the key learnings and start working on your social communication plan!

what-makes-great-headlinesUnlock Your Social Influence with Valuable Ideas about Headlines

As we’ve previously talked about the social media guide for event professionals, now would be the best time to approach another related subject that has the potential to propel your shared content on social sites. It is a surprising yet documented fact that no matter how great your content is, it won’t be read unless the title is good/relevant enough for your audience. For this reason exactly, experts recommend one should spend half of the time writing the article and half of the time writing the headline. Social Media Examiner has recently published a great article about how to create strong and appealing headlines. If you’re interested in your content getting read and widely distributed, this reading is totally worthwhile!

smart-tech-event-experience8 Fantastic Ideas to Use Innovative Tech for Your Next Event

Using modern technology for your event does not only say about you that you are a game changer, but it also leads to better and more meaningful experiences for your delegates. Overall, technology provides us with plenty of opportunities to interact with each other.  Because events are all about bringing people together, they should take full advantage of it. The latest sensation in the field is Meerkat- an app linked to Twitter accounts, that enables one person to live stream a video to another person. At the same time, both users are allowed to comment upon it as if they were on Twitter. Check out 8 fully-applicable technologies that event professionals should say yes to!

amazing-life-changing-books10 Mind-Twisting Books That Will Change Your Worldview

Some people read for pleasure, to experience new emotions, others read to expand their knowledge and make new discoveries. If you are in the latter category, you’ve just hit a gold mine! In case you were looking for some book recommendations, you now have the opportunity to choose from 10 amazing titles that will challenge how you think and how you act altogether. Think of them as a bundle of valuable lessons that will enrich and improve your life both mentally and spiritually. Choose a book and start reading!

innovation-tech-events5 Innovation Trends That Will Challenge Your Business

In order to be successful, businesses always need to be ready for change and even embrace it before it becomes an ultimatum. At present, technology has the greatest power to lead to important shifts in the business world considering the rapid evolution of how people are communicating, shopping or making payments. The key things for entrepreneurs are to stay connected, follow the trends and anticipate the next move. Being ready and even welcoming change are essential not only for success, but even for survival on the market. Here are some of the most significant changes expected in the next 5 years and several thoughts and questions entrepreneurs should consider.

brain-facts-marketing3 Brain Rules That Will Make You Upgrade Your Marketing

One of marketers’ greatest challenge is to create content that grabs and keeps the attention of their audience. Especially the latter is difficult to attain, given all the information clutter around us, enhanced by our constant exposure to more than one media channel at the same time. However, there are scientific findings that can work in marketers’ favor once these are used properly in relation to the content that’s being created and shared. Find out how marketers can improve the attention span of their audience based on how the brain works!

Do you have any tips for social media worth sharing? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below.

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