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Einsteins’ Favorites: The Best Tips for Event Planners- How to Promote Your Event Using Twitter, What AV Equipments to Use and How to Connect People at Your Event

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Do you want to promote your event successfully on Twitter? Do you want to stay ahead of the game using the latest generation AV equipments? Or do you want your event to be remembered as the greatest networking place on Earth? This week, Einsteins’ Favorites has picked the best tips for event planners!

tweetwall10 Powerful Tips to Promote Your Event Using Twitter

Out of all the social platforms available out there, Twitter is the perfect match for events promotion. Apart from sharing relevant content to your followers, there are a few other interesting actions you could undertake to increase awareness of your event and attract as many attendees as you can. One recommendation is to communicate with your attendees by following them back on Twitter and answer their questions promptly. Also, having a hashtag for your event and encouraging live tweeting can work wonders for your brand. You may also like the idea of displaying all these tweets on a Tweetwall. It would be like giving away a free prize to your attendees- they will simply love you for featuring them up there. Check out these 10 incredibly useful tips for event planners!


event_transcriptionWhy Transcribing Your Event is a Good Idea

Event planners sometimes overlook that creating buzz after the event is just as important as the teasing and promotion they are undertaking before the event. From this perspective, having your event transcribed in either audio or video format can be a huge gain. By archiving your previous editions, you’ll have first-hand access to precious information that can be used on different channels and in different formats to deliver a credible message of what your event is really about. You’ll have solid marketing material for attracting attendees, sponsors and partners to your next edition. However, this is just one of the major benefits event transcriptions provide. Read more to have a full understanding of what you’re missing out on when you choose to skip recording your event.


3d-screensHow to Stay Ahead of the Game Using the Right AV Equipments

Whether you want to make a strong impression on your audience, or you simply want to make your team’s life easier, technology is one possible answer. In 2015, you should say goodbye to 2D screens and head over to the new visual territories of 3D screens and 4K displays. Also this year it’s time to let go of your obsolete projector and switch to more reliable alternatives such as lampless projectors. Check out more of these must-have audio-visual products that are as innovative as useful for any event professional.


networking_sessionHow to Connect People at Your Event

If you’re looking to create networking opportunities for your attendees, you need to actively encourage them to get to know each other and offer guidance along the way. As an event organizer, you can intermediate networking by breaking the audience into smaller groups and encouraging them to discuss with one another. You can also push your participants into networking opportunities by encouraging them to swap seats and make acquaintance with the new person sitting next to them. Read the full list of useful tips for event planners to learn how to better connect your attendees with one another.


emotional-empowermentHow to Take Control of Your Negative Emotions

Either it’s fear, anger or some other sort of negative emotion you experience, the wise thing to do is not to let these feelings overwhelm you. Instead, you need to consciously choose to turn each of them into opportunities of change. By following a simple set of guidelines, you can learn to change both your attitude and approach when dealing with negative emotions. All you need to do is acknowledge their bad influence on you and the others, firmly take control and change the outcome to something positive. Here is a list of the most common negative emotions we deal with and a short guideline of how we can learn to overcome them.


smartphonesThe Amazing Power of Second Screen Technology

As we stepped into the new technological era, we came to acknowledge the existence of a second screen at events, which are different from the stage screen we know so well. The second screens are the devices participants are using during the event, most likely their smartphone or tablet. Having their smartphones active during an event is not necessarily a distraction factor. These devices can, in fact, be used as a powerful way of engaging your attendees through real-time communication and interaction. For example, you can encourage participants to access specific Q&A tools in order to ask questions during a speaker’s presentation and not at the end as we are used to. Or you could ask them to rate the speaker, presentation or the event overall by means of a specific feedback app. Here are some mind-opening ideas of how you can turn second screens to your advantage.


event-budgetHow to Plan Your Event’s Budget Effectively

When planning your event, you always need to carefully consider all the details and their associated expenses. Make sure you read the budget through several times, develop all the cost scenarios you can think of and make adjustments where possible. One chapter where you could lower the costs is the equipments you are using. If you plan on holding more similar events, then perhaps buying the equipments makes better sense in the long run than renting them each time. Similarly, you can cut back on costs with the food you are offering during the event. Without endangering the experience of your attendees, you can choose to replace the more expensive items on the menu with a mix of snacks, which are less expensive, but still taste good. Continue reading to find out other specific ways of budgeting wisely for your next event.


event-planningHow to Make Event Planning Less Stressful

It can happen during an event that we don’t have immediate access to information we desperately need. It can also happen that a speaker cancels his presentation at the last-minute, and all event materials need to be quickly updated. In this kind of situations, every event planner should take advantage of the solutions technology brings. Thanks to some innovative tools, event planning is now becoming less stressful and manageable. Find out which tools event professionals should immediately consider for their own sake.


digital-nomadIs Digital Nomadism Fit For You?

Although so far timidly embraced by society, digital nomadism is a movement that promises to grow significantly in the coming years. It’s a totally different lifestyle that enables remote working while being just about wherever you want to be. As a manager or entrepreneur, you can choose to team up with these people to solve particular business needs without actually requiring them to be there. You can benefit from their collaborative nature and worldwide perspective to get problems solved rapidly and creatively. Take a closer look at what digital nomadism really is and how it can positively change the paradigm of work.


annoyed-event-plannersWhat Every Event Planner Expects to Happen in the Morning of the Event

As event planners, we know our agenda so well, we even dream about it at night (more or less peacefully). Here is a short and fun representation of us in the morning of the event. Now we’re allowed to make fun. Tune in and enjoy!


Which of the articles you enjoyed the most? Which of the above tips for event planners you found to be the most useful? Please let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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