This Week in our Einsteins’ Favorites, we show you how you’re probably addicted to the silent killer of success, how to get stress off your back and unlocking your creative genius, plus much more!

Adrenal Over DriveAdrenal Over Drive

Read ahead to find out if you suffer from Adrenal overdrive; to find out how Adrenal can cause fatigue and how to relax and reduce the amount of stress in your life.



Lessons LearnedLessons Learned

Business Insider shares 15 tips from 15 great entrepreneurs; all lessons learned in their thirties. The meat of this article is the entrepreneurs; such as Mark Cuban and Kristina Roth (CEO of Matisia Consultants) and sharing their worldview, explain how sometimes the experts don’t have all the answers, and that without focus, hard work can be a waste of time.


Meditate On ThisMeditate On This

The power of meditation and relaxation aren’t something you’d associate with work, but the benefits of reducing stress are just why the employees of San Francisco based company Soma meditate together each morning. Read the founder’s (Mike del Ponte) strategy for reducing stress is to introduce meditation into the workplace, and with his tips, you can do just that. What do you think? Do work and a meditation mix? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Read More, Get InspiredRead More, Get Inspired

Check out Inc’s list of the best quotes from the overlooked business books in 2014. The inspiring quotes are a must read. If you really love them don’t worry, chances are you can still snag these bestsellers, even if they will lay abandoned on your nightstand table, be a conversation piece on your coffee table or get devoured in a day.



Smartphones and FOMOSmartphones and FOMO

Last week we talked about smartphones and the fear of missing out. Event planners might be feeding the smartphone addiction; but for those who are already addicted or always looking for a hot new app, we’ve got the list for you. 13 fantastic apps that you don’t want to miss out on. Compatible with iPhone, android and your busy life. Recommend any apps that aren’t on the list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

You Are Addicted to the Silent Killer of SuccessYou Are Addicted to the Silent Killer of Success

Caffeine is the killer of success, so if you cut down on the delicious drug, you’ll see results. Whether worth cutting out coffee out of your diet, ask yourself first why you drink caffeine. If you’ve been led to believe that it makes you more alert and wakes you up, keep in mind that these are short term benefits. Find out the Good, Bad and Ugly side of Caffeine and decide for yourself if you’re addicted. (Interested in these kinds of articles? Adrenal Overdrive and Meditate On This are two more Einsteins’ Picks this week that focus on how to destress).

The Key to Creative GeniusThe Key to Creative Genius

This might be hard to imagine, but HuffPost has come out with a iconographic that shows you how to unlock your creative potential and the best part? No Caffeine or Alcohol required! So bookmark this and keep it in mind for a rainy day, when you need to get the creative juices flowing, or a boring Monday. Check out the app Brainsparker for more ways to unlock your creative success.

Why So Serious?Why So Serious?

February 2nd has been called the date  that most realize their New Years Resolutions have failed and been broken. Whether yours was work or lifestyle based, never fear because Forbes tells us how to buckle down, get serious and achieve our goals this year. Make 2015 the year you reached your goals!

Highly Likeable is the new Highly EffectiveHighly Likeable is the new Highly Effective

Forbes’ list of 13 traits of highly likeable people is the perfect list to hone your charming traits, such as honesty and being genuine. These tips are crucial for networking, event planning, dealing with clients, family and friends.

Top 100 HotelsGet Away to the Top 100 Hotels

Our last pick this week is Cvent’s ranking of the top 100 hotels for meetings in the US. Check out the list for ideas for meeting places for your teams; getaways, or places to stay if you’re out of town; top picks feature golf courses, spas and incredible meeting spots.

We hope our picks this week helped you de-stress, discover business books you may have missed, and inspired you! We’d love to hear more from you; comment on your favourite article below or suggest one for next week.

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