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Einsteins’ Favorites: Platforms for Successful Event Planners, Design Your Online Content for Millennials, and Run an Effective Email Campaign

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This week, Einsteins’ Favorites reveals the latest apps and platforms for successful event planners, shows you how to design your online content for Millennials, and shares the secrets of running an effective email campaign.

event-platforms10 Amazing Platforms for Successful Event Planners

You can truly revolutionize your next event by taking advantage of the latest tools in the industry. For example, have you ever thought of how you can improve networking at your event? With NetworkTables, you can do just that by allowing your guests to choose with whom they share a table. An alternative way of boosting your brand image and adding value to your attendees is by enabling easy tagging of people in your event’s photos, which will end up reaching their entire social network. Another useful tool that caught our attention is Eventopedia, a supplier platform dedicated to meeting and event professionals. Continue reading to find out a fine selection of 10 amazing platforms for successful event planners.

green energyWhy Green Is the New Power

No longer only a trend, green power is now taken seriously by event planners too.  After all, it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved. Besides protecting the planet, producing green-minded events can have significant cost benefits and can attract the right sponsorships too.  You can think of innovative green options either by choosing renewable energy venues or by taking the fun way of pedal-powering your event using dance floors or pedestrian walkways. You can also opt-in for different carbon offset programs as a way to promote responsibility towards energy use. Find out more about why going green is always a good idea for your event.

event-appLooking for the Best App for Your Next Event?

Lately, we have come to think there is an app for everything and meetings and events are no exception. There are many ways in which we can benefit from designing an app for our events. We can use it to provide easy access to learning materials, agendas, maps and lists, detailed information about products and companies alike. Or we can use it as an interactive way of communicating with our target market by sending out notifications at the right time and place. Continue reading to learn more about what other uses an app can bring to your event.

online-contentHow to Design Your Online Content for Millennials

Is your online content popular among Millennials?  If you haven’t reached quite the success you hoped for, it’s time you changed your strategy.  There’s no better way of reaching through to Millennials than by using online media, and more specifically, online content. Almost two-thirds of Millennials say that online content makes them feel more connected to a brand. 75% of them use Facebook when sharing content through social networks and, in their experience, Google and Facebook lead the way when it comes to finding relevant content. Read about these insights and more, and learn how to improve your online content to win Millennials on your side.

event-big-dataHow Big Data Drives the Success of Your Event

Big data takes on new meanings with the arrival of crowdshaping, enabling event professionals to make quick adjustments either to fix a problem or to enhance the attendees’ overall experience. Real-time location of the participants enables an interactive communication by providing them access to specific information or engaging games. Geolocation is also important to identify high-traffic or potentially crowded areas in order for event managers to act on quickly either to remove bottlenecks or to divert traffic to fewer visited areas. If you love these ideas, continue reading to find out more about how big data can influence the success of your event.

mini-projectorThe Latest Gadgets for Innovative Event Planners

Earlier we saw some amazing platforms for successful event planners. Now, if you’re looking for the latest gadgets designed to make your life easier, we’ve got more exciting news. If you travel a lot and don’t want to run out of battery, you should consider this portable power bank that charges all your devices at the same time. If you plan on making a good impression during a meeting, you should try out this mini-projector that projects images displayed on the screen of your phone or tablet. If we got your attention, find out here which are the other 3 gadgets an event planner must have.

twitter successHow to Be Successful on Twitter

Being on Twitter is something common to most of the today’s businesses. Still the question remains: are they using it right? If you want to be successful on Twitter, one thing you should start with is creating a profile that is authentic and communicates your mission clearly. Next thing in line is to be consistent and have your tweets fit with your stated mission. As a business, you can use Twitter as a great customer-service tool that enables you to connect with your audience and potentially build strong relationships. For more information on how to make the best out of your Twitter business account, you should take a look at this useful talk with one of today’s Twitter experts.

first-impression-smartTurning First Impressions to Your Advantage

It turns out we can quickly read people based on their appearance be it physical characteristics, way of clothing or even manner of walking. It appears that first impressions can be manipulated to your advantage if you dress smartly or if you maintain eye contact with your conversation partner. In terms of trustworthiness and sexual orientation, it takes less than a few seconds for someone to place a label on you based on your face alone. Check out these 9 things people learn about you in a matter of seconds after meeting you.

email-campaignHow to Run a Successful Email Campaign

Does sending a long email to an even longer list of contacts is your idea of email marketing? You’d better start learning the right way to do it. Experts recommend 8 steps to follow in order to increase the chances of getting a response from your prospects.  If implemented correctly, you will not only end up having (more) meaningful responses to your emails, but at the same time you won’t be accused of spamming your potential customers anymore. To begin with, you need to send out an initial email, and the whole secret here is to keep it short. Read the full article to find out the complete science behind email marketing and get the results you’ve hoped for.

event-planners7 Hilarious Gifs Event Professionals Can Easily Relate to

The events altogether are a tough world to deal with, but that’s precisely what we, event planners, like so much about it. It’s dynamic, unpredictable, challenging at times, but on top of all that, you can have loads of fun. To prove our point, check out these hilarious gifs: any resemblance to event planners is NOT purely coincidental 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the Einsteins’ Favorites selection from this week. Let us know what you think of your favorite article in the comments below.

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