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Einsteins’ Favorites: 10 Smart Startups with Innovative Ideas for Events, How to Measure and Increase the Success of Your Event & Powerful Ways to Activate FOMO in Your Attendees

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Einsteins’ Favorites brings you this week the latest information on startups with innovative ideas for events. It also highlights the power of data in measuring and increasing the success of any event and unveils some powerful ways event planners can use to activate FOMO (fear of missing out) in their attendees.

live-tweeting-sketchnotesHow to Reap All the Benefits of Live Tweeting

There are several ways live tweeting during an event can help expand your followership, establish new connections and position yourself as an expert in the industry. You should start with including the link to some landing page along with the event hashtag to your Twitter profile. Using dedicated platforms to create a tweet hub on your site around a particular event can be a good opportunity to make yourself known. All you need to do is include a sidebar on that page with some brief information about your company and your contact details. Learn all there is about live tweeting and how you can take advantage of its full benefits with this comprehensive Social Media Examiner article!

startups-for-events10 Smart Startups with Innovative Ideas for Events

Every month a few more startups with cool innovative ideas for events appear. Some are more event management oriented, others focus on attendees, and there are a few others that ingeniously combine them both. A review of the latest apps and platforms specifically designed for the event industry include wi-fi-enabled peer-to-peer communication app, live interaction tools, team management and budget controlling tools as well as networking-focused software. Take a closer look at ten such startups that bring undeniable benefits to both event planners and attendees!

event-dataHow to Measure and Increase the Success of Your Event

Data-driven events are more likely to be successful because they offer a clear measurement of whatever goal you are following. Your goal can be about the number of leads you gathered, the success of your keynote speaker or how well people connected with each other at your event. Nowadays with all the technologies at hand, it’s easy to use them for measuring the success of any event. Pre-event registration systems, e-marketing platforms or direct response apps are just some of the software that help event planners track the ROI of their efforts. Take a look at several apps that help us take the pulse of an event leading the way to better strategies for future editions!

event-lightingExcellent Tips for Perfect Lighting at Your Event

The source of many innovative ideas for events, lighting is a crucial element as it can easily set the mood through intensity and color. The color array that is being used can even send the signal that a place is welcoming, cozy or quite the opposite. If a stage is involved, there are other things to consider too. The dispersion of light across the entire stage, while avoiding blind spots and shining too much light over the audience, is something that can be controlled with an effective design of the light sources. Read on to find out the tips and tricks for handling lighting equipment the right way!

get-found-in-searchHow to Improve Your Ranking in Search Engines

Either it’s organic or paid, search traffic is an important share of your overall website traffic. In spite of Google’s ranking algorithms that are beyond your control, you can still improve your site ranking. You need to consider the specifics of your industry along with those of your target market (the devices used for Internet searching, their location as in country). For your website to be competitive, you also need to consider the general features that will make it search-engine friendly: its architecture, whether it has relevant and regularly updated content, its social proof and so on. Take a look at this infographic that makes things easy to understand even for an SEO and PPC beginner!

apple-watch-apps25 Great Apps to Have on Your Apple Watch

You probably wouldn’t think that Apple Watch could provide access to many of the apps you already use on your other devices. Even though the screen is quite small, there are plenty of apps you can use that are a perfect fit with the device. One of our favorite apps presented here is called Powerpoint, which is a sort of remote control for your presentation. It enables to start your presentation, go from slide to slide and also shows the time that elapsed from the moment the presentation started. Check out 25 great apps you might want to use on your Apple Watch!

LED-entertainmentBeautiful LED Entertainment to Surprise Your Audience

Especially if you’re planning a night-time event, LED performers are a great way to take your event entertainment to a new level. It doesn’t have to be very flashy or even too complex as you can create stunning visual effects with quite small LED-illuminated objects. They will be a perfect addition to the performers handling them as dance and music go hand in hand with the beautiful light patterns described in their movement. Check out these innovative ideas for events that will offer quite a spectacle to your audience!

Mobile-strategyHow to Build Your Strategy for Mobile Devices

In the new era of hyper-connectivity, every company should focus on how to make their website optimized for mobile devices or even better, how to create a mobile app of their own. People nowadays have radically changed how they browse, shop and make payments. Also, they have developed new preferences when it comes to logging into an app/ website or how much information they expect to see on a page. Check out a great infographic spelling out the reasons why your mobile marketing strategy is not working!

rock-concertPowerful Ways to Activate FOMO in Your Attendees

The fear of missing out is human, but thanks to social media it has amplified as we are now exposed more than ever to opportunities other people took and we didn’t. Event planners can take advantage of the FOMO mindset in order to increase the number of attendees and boost their engagement. There are a few ways in which you can create one-time opportunities that are both interesting and exciting for your audience. One would be announcing that the event you are holding will live stream only as opposed to being available on site as a recording after the event. Here are some innovative ideas for events that will activate FOMO in people!

introverts-vs-extrovertsWhy Introverts Are Becoming More Essential to the Business World

Not long ago, successful people were partially defined by their ability to build and maintain relationships, something extroverts are known to be good at. On the other hand, introverts were seen as the people in the back end with more significant contributions to the innovation side. Today, thanks to the Internet and the development of automated processes at the business-end of things, extroverts have become less indispensable to the business. At the same time, introverts are slowly moving to the front end, communicating directly with the clients. Continue reading to learn more about the unexpected switch between extroverts and introverts at the helm of the business world!

Hope you enjoyed our selection of articles this week. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to learn more about, let us know in the comments below.

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