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Einsteins’ Favorites: How Great Coaches Lead Their Teams to Success, How to Deal with Unhappy Customers & 8 Amazing Tech Apps for Event Planners

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This week, Einsteins’ Favorites takes inspiration from the lessons successful sports coaches can teach, reveals the techniques of winning back an unhappy customer and looks into the future bringing you the ultimate apps for event planners!

sports-coachesHow Great Coaches Lead Their Teams to Success

For an organization to flourish, it is essential that the employees make the best team possible. As in sports, teams in the office also need coaches to motivate them and lead them to better performances. There are times when people need to be encouraged and times when they need to be criticized. Whatever approach the particular situation asks for, a great coach should always push people in the direction of continuous improvement and development. Here are some inspiring lessons from 5 great sports coaches that can be applied successfully in any organization environment.

unhappy-customerHow to Deal with Unhappy Customers

Having one single unhappy customer is enough to create a bad reputation for your company.  This one bad review could end up reaching thousands of people, especially now that we’re in the Internet era. Not to mention the inconvenient fact of bad news travelling way faster than the good news. Because the vast majority of people never tell the company anything about their bad experience, it’s time you initiated the conversation with your customers asking directly and genuinely for their feedback. Here is some expert advice on how to deal with unhappy customers and bring them back on your side.

analytics-tool8 Amazing Tech Apps for Event Planners

Event planners now have at their disposal a wide range of mobile apps and analytic tools that can help them build a strong leverage in the market. In order to remain at the top, they need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field as new features come around constantly. Only this year, significant updates were made in the events app field. One of them is a new analytics platform by DoubleDutch that allows planners to monitor content and engagement in real time using data from the company’s mobile app. Another powerful development comes from Topi, which offers attendees the possibility to connect with each other based on their mutual interest. Here is a generous list of new features that will certainly be appreciated by the most tech-savvy event planners.

mantras-valuable-content16 Essential Rules of Creating Valuable Content

Creating value-adding content is the best way to drive traffic to your website. It also offers the triggering point for visitors to start thinking about joining your next event. In order to be meaningful and engaging, a blog should not be written with an explicit selling purpose- instead an educational/ informational approach should be followed. If you want to make sure there is a significant audience for anything you publish online, check out these 16 essential rules of creating valuable content.

central-stage5 Inspiring Stage Settings for Your Event

If you’re holding a presentation or a panel discussion at your event, you need to pay attention to the stage setting and design. It’s essential to make it the focus of your audience in order to make sure the message you want to deliver is well-received at the other end. You can get creative and do something out of the ordinary like bringing the stage into the audience as opposed to its more common placement at the front end. Check out 5 stage settings that will inspire you to go beyond plain utility!

event-ROIHow to Boost the ROI of Your Event

Increasing the ROI of an event is on every ambitious goal list. It should come as no surprise that it strongly correlates with a few indicators every event planner should measure at the end of their event. These can include the number of visits to the event’s website or the money raised for the cause they are supporting. Also, they can be about how satisfied attendees were about particular aspects of the event (the music, the presentations, the design). All it takes to improve these indicators is to make sure your attendees are having the best experience ever. Here is some insightful advice on how to make your audience happy!

photo-boothHow to Use Nostalgia to Make Your Event Memorable

Every event planner is now looking to incorporate the latest trends and technology into their event. What if instead you choose, just for once, to take a step back in time and surprise your audience with a more traditional approach? Imagine what it would be like, for example, to bring a photo booth at your event, and some funny disguises people can use to take their pictures with. Read more to find out how you can revive nostalgia and make your event memorable!

event-promotion-social-mediaDo’s and Don’ts for Social Media Success

Did you know that marketing can take up to 20% of your event’s budget? Event planners can leverage these expenses by incorporating social media into their communication plan. To start with, you should consider the full range of social platforms out there and make sure you use them right. Here is a helpful list of do’s and don’ts to watch out for when communicating on the social web. As a bonus, you also get a complete checklist to simplify your event planning process.

online-reputationHow to Avoid the Costs of Losing Customers

Winning more customers no longer represents the key to success for your company. Today’s success relies more and more on customer-centricity, namely on making them happy and keeping them loyal. If your customer goes through a poor experience with your company and you fail to improve the way he feels about you, then you will probably lose him to the competition. If you start doing the math, you’ll be amazed of the potential that gets wasted. Check out these shocking numbers when it comes to losing customers along with 6 golden rules to avoid just that.

fire-heatCreative Ideas for Keeping Event Spaces Warm

Even though spring seems to be just around the corner, we haven’t escaped the chilly/ cold temperatures quite yet, especially in the evenings. If you plan your event outdoors in this period of the year, you’re probably interested in finding an efficient heating method so that your attendees don’t have to worry about catching a cold. Here are some practical ideas for heating the event’s space and keeping your guests warm.

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