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Einsteins’ Favorites: The Future of 3D-Printing Technology, How to Get the Most Out of Live Polling & How to Build Successful Relationships through Networking

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Einsteins’ Favorites brings you this week the latest news about event technologies. You will find useful information on 3D-printing, live polling software and various apps that can help you get organized and productive.

3d-printingThe Future of 3D-Printing Technology

There has been a lot of talking about 3D-printing lately and rightfully so. Not as recent as one may believe, 3D-printing has become known to the wide public as an innovative technology only in the last years. It already has spectacular applications in fields such as medicine, architecture, aerospace, automotive, and industrial engineering industries. When it comes to events industry, however, its applications are rather scarce for now. Check out what major players think about its future and how they have used it so far in executing their own events.

event-pollHow to Get the Most Out of Live Polling Technology

We’ve already approached the idea of live polling when we talked about the rise of the second screen technology here. This time we can have a closer look at one such polling software dedicated for events. There are plenty of ways you can use it to maximize your interaction with the audience. One interesting use is that you can enhance learning during training presentations. For example, you can ask attendees questions during the presentation in order to check which concepts have been well understood and which need further explaining. Another important benefit of this software comes from being able to gather demographic information about your audience. Additionally, using live polling as a means to bring in some fun (conducting surveys on less serious topics) can be a great way to connect with your audience. Check out all you can do for your event and your audience with one of the event polling tools out there!

podcastsThe Best Podcasts Event Professionals Should Listen to

Once you’re part of the event industry, you understand how important is to stay connected and up-to-date with the know-how and the changes that take place. You’re also probably interested in constantly improving your skills and learning from the best. One way you can achieve this is by listening to some great talks and advices from highly regarded event professionals. You could do that by taking advantage of the time you spend driving or doing some other mundane task. Check out the best podcasts to keep you updated and informed while on the go!

good-networkingHow to Build Successful Relationships through Networking

There is a science behind networking, and you should be aware of what’s wrong and what’s right if you want to do it successfully. Some people have the wrong idea that networking is about going after  selfish goals when, in fact, should be all about building a strong relationship. That this relationship could eventually lead to job offers, new clients or other benefits are merely side effects and should not be targeted primarily. Here is a very helpful guide to building successful relationships through networking!

favorite-apps25+ Amazing Apps to Get You Organized and Productive

You’ve probably heard of TED, the worldwide popular conference system. Their events are a huge success every time thanks to the great team behind making it all possible. There are many things to learn from the TED staffers, and the best part is that they are willing to share. This time they shared with us their favorite apps when it comes to organizing work, getting around a new place or various personal interests. Try out these useful apps to help you get more efficient both personally and professionally on a daily basis.

presentation-speechHow to Sound Confident during a Presentation

When speaking in front of an audience, the only way to succeed in sending your message across is to appear confident as if you own the room. At some point during your presentation, you can use certain words or speak in a certain way that can damage your credibility. The moment you lose authority is when your audience stops listening to you. Being aware of these speech obstacles, you will learn to anticipate and avoid them eventually. Here are three suggestions you should consider for building powerful speeches that will positively impact your audience.

app-terms10 Terms about Technology You Need to Know

Have you ever felt you need a vocabulary update when it comes to new technologies? Don’t let the technical terms overwhelm you. You can grasp their meaning with some clearly explained definitions and not only will you feel confident using the new terms, but you will be more inclined to use the technology you are learning to understand. This way you’ll stay competitive, and others may have to learn from you instead. Here are 10 terms you must know if you want to be on top of your game!

automated-processHow to Increase the Productivity of Your Customer Service Team

Customer service people often deal with the same requests and offer their support in a quite standardized way. Their type of activity involves a certain degree of repetitiveness, which is why building automated processes for dealing with such repetitive tasks seems to be appropriate and time-efficient, above all. From building email templates for specific customer requests to automating the assignment of tickets in their help desk system, it’s incredible how much time one can end up saving in a year. Check out these helpful suggestions to improve your CS team’s productivity!

tech-newsThe Latest Tech News Event Planners Should Know

In the currently booming tech industry, news never ceases to come along. There are so many of them that one can easily get overwhelmed at some point. Extracting meaningful information from big data sources, making use of wearable technologies, sensor integration, robots and drones, are only a few examples of what event planners could do these days to dramatically improve their attendees’ experience. Watch out for these latest tech solutions and put them to good use!

entertainmentHow to Get the Right Entertainers for Your Event

Choosing the right entertainment for your event can be crucial for its success upon your audience. If you wish to obtain a powerful impact and make it memorable, you’ll need to consider whether it fits well with the theme of the event or the profile of your audience. However, having the right idea of the kind of entertainment you’ll bring is not merely enough. You’ll also need to make it happen at high standards and with optimum resources from your side. Read on to find out all about getting the right entertainers for your event!

We hope you enjoyed reading our favorite articles this week. We also hope that you can use these insights successfully in your business. Please share your thoughts using the comments section below.

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