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Einsteins’ Favorites: Comic Con to leave San Deigo? Become A Rock Solid Conference Leader and Master Time Management

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Time again for the Endless Entertainment Einsteins’ favorite articles from around the web this week! Comic Con to leave San Deigo? Become A Rock Solid Conference Leader and Master Time Management in Every Day life with ten effective and easy tips! And many more articles you don’t want to miss this week!

Leader Blog“Become A Ridiculously In Charge Rock Solid Conference Leader”

VelvetChainSaw’s Jan 19th article boasts; this empowering and daunting, but small checklist puts the power in your hands to be the leader you want to, and can be. With just a little nudge, and an attitude that the choice is yours, they outline how you can be the leader you’ve always wanted to be. The choice is yours to read this article, but you won’t regret it if you do.


Time ManagementGot Time?

For an industry that relies on planning, scheduling and following the clock; event planning is a career that demands time management. But the event planners who have cracked the code for managing their time inside and outside of the office see results. Azavista presents the ten tips for event planners to manage their time. Read the full article here and learn how to be successful with your time; these handy tips will help you shut off from technology, get some much needed rest and get the job done in a healthy, effective manner, while still taking time for yourself.

Comic Con To Leave San DeigoComic Con To Leave San Deigo

Comic Con to take off and leave San Diego? A Mecca of sorts each year for geeks, role players, cos-players and fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars; read about North America’s largest comic con’s big plans and how one of the biggest attractions of San Diego may be saying adieu to it’s hometown.


Megaphone5 Star Feedback!

get the right feedback and ask the right questions to get the answers you want to hear, the criticism that is specific and will help you and your events be the best they can. Client feedback is crucial for event planning; read the tips on how to get better feedback here.


Five Pinterest Boards We Can’t Get Enough-OfEnvision Pinterest!

The resources of the web are well known to event planners, #Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are crucial to even advertising; read ahead to find out the 5 reasons to use Pinterest to create vision boards and bring ideas to life.



Joshua Klein Networking as an Investment

The tit for tat of networking. Watch Joshua Klein outline how investing in network benefits you.



Prevent Volunteer FailureAdvertising Volunteer Disaster

Events can depend on volunteer participation; keep the following tips in mind and avoid a volunteer mutiny, no shows and other pitfalls that can damage your event! EventManagerBlog illustrates how to choose volunteers wisely, treat them right, and the right way to manage volunteers to get the most for your event. Remember: “Volunteers can be a rich resource for event organizers, but do need to be thoughtfully managed.” Read for more details.


Candied BaconFood for Thought

Caterers Share 2015 trends for appetizers, small bites, and more. According to SpecialEvents the food scene this year will feature Bacon and Eggs, a staple for appetizers, perhaps paying homage to Ron Swanson as the final season of Parks and Recreation launches? As well as Pickled and smoked delights, small portions of shots and appetizers are popular this season.


The First Step to Event SustainabilitySustainability Now!

Last week EventManagerBlog shared the right way to bring sustainability into the work place. Sustainability should be a new years resolution for all event planners. “The First Step to Event Sustainability Starts Here” outlines risk reduction policy, creating sustainable policy for events, and includes samples of Effective Sustainability Policy. Read more here:


Taylor Swift in concertShake it Off

There’s no doubt that Taylors Swift’s song still empowers us to shake off negative energy. TechsyTalk’s article explores the way event planners can learn from Taylor Swift. Give the article a skim to see how the young super star’s actions can relate to Event Planning. Take her as an example to learn how to respond to your fans, become more flexible and change with the times, and make authentic connections with your target audience.


Post Event BluesBonus Favorite: Post Event Blues

As Christmas Comes only once a year there’s no wonder that we want to keep that good feeling, cheer around all year. The perfect time for planning events, parties, New Years bashes, and more, the aftermath of Christmas and the end of a busy event season can be somber. Oliver Richardson comments on the aftermath of filling out thank you cards; and catching up of neglected tasks after the Christmas season ends.

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