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Einsteins’ Favorites: A Dive into Creative Technologies- Neon-Powered Decor, Emergency Drones and Talking Mirrors

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This week, Einsteins’ Favorites introduces you to the latest creative technologies in terms of event safety, decor effects and … furniture!

neon-lightingHow to Boost Light and Color at Your Event

The decor of an event will always be a central part of the planning. By making it spectacular, you will make it memorable for your attendees. Just think about for a moment how you could inject a bit of edginess just by playing with neon effects. This idea could fit perfectly with glamorous events such as fancy parties and dinner events, but it could also be a good match for carnivals, concerts or even night time running events.  You can decorate the whole venue using bright colors and lighting effects, or you could opt for some creative neon signage at the entry. Other ideas may include neon paint, holographic video projection, and LED-lit clothing. Check out more inspiring ideas in this slide show that will demonstrate the true neon power.


social-media-graphThe Most Effective Social Media at Different Stages of an Event

Learning how to use social media is essential for your communication with your audience. According to a recent study on social media use related to in-person events, it turns out that Facebook and Twitter are the best tools for marketers to encourage engagement and share specific content. However, more important than this, are the findings of the most effective social networks to use in the different phases of an event: pre-, during and post-event. Check them out and explore the benefits of social communication by using the right tool at the right moment.


emergency-droneWhy Drones Are a Strong Alternative to Emergency Vehicles

What would be the ultimate technology to use for emergency operations? Creative minds point to designing a drone for such high-risk incidents. Every event professional knows the importance of providing a safe environment for their attendees and acts towards making it happen. That is exactly the reason we think the event industry could benefit as well from the undeniable advantages a drone could bring. Continue reading to find out why the drone could successfully replace the ambulance.


motivational-mirrorThe Powerful Effect of Talking Mirrors on the Wall

Let’s face it: whenever we receive a compliment, we feel good. Imagine what it would be like to get compliments every morning, every day. Our self-confidence would go through the roof! Now, you no longer need to imagine it, as IKEA (not exactly known for creative technologies) recently came up with a talking mirror that does exactly that: say to you each day how awesome you are! Check out what this motivational mirror looks and sounds like when paying you a compliment.


outdoor-team-building-gameHow to Make Team Buildings Memorable

Do you want to bring a touch of novelty to your event? With Loquiz, a mobile game platform designed for event professionals, you can make the most out of a corporate event or a team building experience. You can easily create the games you want and choose the preferred level of difficulty. You can also quickly customize the design of each game based on whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and you can use the language you like by simply using a filter. What’s more is that at any time of the game, you can check the progress you’ve made, including the points and prizes you’ve collected. Loquiz provides a nice opportunity for collaboration between the attendees as everything is designed as a team work, after all. It is a fun and engaging way to make your event memorable. Check out a full review of the most awaited game app for event planners!


email-marketing-tipsHow to Boost Your Event Registrations Using Email

When promoting your event by email, you can use several tips and tricks to boost your response rates and implicitly sales. Some experts recommend, for example, to build up an emailing schedule that naturally follows the flow of the event. Others consider it crucial to offer event previews such as by announcing the speakers as they get confirmed. Or by revealing the agenda of the event, and equally important, by naming the reasons why they should be joining your event. During an email campaign, it’s also strongly recommended to send targeted emails either by region or by topics of interest as revealed by their behavior on the event’s website. Read on to find out more incredibly useful advice to manage your email campaign effectively. Also, you might want to check our previous post about how to run successful email campaigns.


body-mapping-holographic-technologyHow to Break Advertising Conventions with Creative Technologies

We’ve recently come across a cool innovative idea that could very well fit with your next event! It’s about using one of the latest creative technologies, the body-mapping holographic type. More specifically, they used it to cover otherwise conventional statues with players’ T-shirts as part of the campaign anticipating a much-awaited rugby game between the England’s national team and Italy’s. This idea is believed to have people become more supportive of their team, but also more engaged towards the brand that shares their passion and brings something original to the table. It’s both engaging and entertaining. Check out some pictures to see the amazing show such creative technologies can offer!


loyalty-marketingWhy Marketing is Losing Ground to Loyalty

We have come to a moment when marketing alone is likely regarded as shallow and potentially deceitful. Social media has now become louder and more relevant even than the traditional channels. With so much information at hand and so many choices of products and services within easy reach, it’s only natural that people won’t trust companies unless they share the same values and beliefs. A more genuine approach of business communications has been going on lately. It’s about building loyalty and meaningful relationships with your customers. Take a look at these fine examples of companies that managed to drive sales through loyalty rather than advertising.


settling-disagreementsHow to Work on Disagreements Effectively

Settling disagreements both at work and in your personal life could take forever or even escalate to unexpected levels if not approached correctly. The first thing you should do is get to the actual root of the problem. Without clarifying the real source of disagreement, you will not reach a resolution too soon. Once you get this done, a good way to start overcoming the tensions is by having a conversation that focuses on the impact of behavior instead of the perceived intent.  Continue reading to learn specific conversation and behavior guidelines to deal with disagreements.


color-run-experienceWhy Emotional Experiences Are Good for Your Business

The emotional experiences people go through when using a certain product and service are crucial in terms of brand attachment or brand excitement. If we translate this to events industry, it’s not hard to see, for example, how important the design of the venue or the chosen theme of an event is for your attendees. These are essential for them to remember your event and come back to the next edition with the same enthusiasm. A brand, or an event for that matter, which will manage to tell their audience a vibrant story or that will somehow touch a chord of their soul, is destined to be popular and successful. Here is a more in-depth view on how emotions can drive sales for your event.

We hope you enjoyed our selection this week. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, if you find an interesting article or video, you’re more than welcome to share it with us!

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