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Working in a team has never been more challenging than today, when working in virtual teams, with little face-to-face contact is so common. What you’re saying to your other co-workers can easily be misinterpreted especially when it’s written. Learn more about how to phrase your emails without sounding inappropriate and what team communication tools you can use to stay productive and connected when working remotely.

remote-work-tools-for-virtual-teamsEffective Team Communication Tools When Working Remotely

Team communication is always a challenge, even more so when working remotely. With the right strategy and the right apps, you’ll be able to lead your team to success. Bringing remote teams on the same page can be difficult, but luckily there are tools like Slack that makes possible to keep everyone involved and up to date. It’s the perfect tool for getting feedback from your team, brainstorm ideas, share insights and quickly exchange files. Remote team communication tools enable voice and video calls as well as screen sharing when needed. There is more than one tool to choose from and yes, Skype is one of them, but the alternatives are worth looking into as they come with their own advantages. Here is a trusted selection of tools that help teams stay in touch, be productive and successfully disconnect!

viral-contentWhat Creative Hooks Make People Click for More Content

Knowing how to package your content is crucial for making it read and shared. To come up with the right hook, you can think of different formats that stir the human curiosity and make them consume your content eventually. One possible way is by promising a specific number of tips on how to handle best a certain situation. Another option is by comparing groups of interest that are somehow perceived as rivals. You can also aim for a temporary period of glory with your article if you attempt to tie it up to a piece of news that is currently making the headlines. Be aware though that your content may be relevant at this moment, but when the news becomes old, you’ll also probably start to lose traction and interest. Check out more ways to grab people’s attention and make them want to read through your article!

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communication_at_workWhat Not to Say for a Good Team Communication

One single word could dramatically change how your message is perceived. This stands true in the workplace as well, where you should be careful not to sound disrespectful or condescending or even dishonest. There are 3 words in particular that can affect the team communication or your professional relations in general. These are “actually”, “sorry” and “me”. To communicate in a professional and more effective manner, you should give up using these words and look for the right alternatives instead. Take a look at some practical examples of how to improve your communication with the others!

Event_SurveyWhich of These Surveys Are Right for Your Event?

Event surveys are an invaluable source of inspiration when it comes to improving your guests’, team’s and client’s experience. Event planners can conduct surveys in each stage of the event, starting with surveys early on during the event-planning process and ending with interviews with the team shortly after the event ends. Every survey has its specific purpose. Event-planning surveys help with designing the event based on potential guests’ declared needs and interests. Pre-event surveys enable the access to important information about attendees such as their dietary restrictions or other special requirements. On-site surveys help capture real-time feedback from participants and allow for quick fixes when possible. Post-event surveys identify more meaningful information based on the overall experience the attendees had. Staff surveys can support attendees’ feedback and generate ideas of how things can work better. Take a look at the pros and cons for each type of event survey and start asking for feedback!

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serious_audienceCreative Ideas to Make Your Audience More at Ease

Nobody likes to see a serious face, not to mention a roomful of serious people. Your event’s success is at stake when attendees don’t look as if they enjoy their time there. Fortunately, there are some strategies to swing their mood around. Following the event’s agenda, moving from session to session and focusing hard on absorbing as much information as possible can become tiring at some point. That’s why breaking the norm and having question sessions in the middle of the presentations can bring in a sense of easiness, making time pass more agreeably for everyone. Bringing in bold speakers that can move the most inert audiences is worthwhile at any event. They can liven up your event by genuinely interacting with the audience and keeping them curious. Contests built around clues and hints are also a great entertainment idea especially if winners get some prize in the end. Here are a few more other creative ideas you can use to change your event from being dull to exciting!

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windows10_best_features10 Reasons the New Windows 10 Will Be a Success

Windows 10 is finally here and so are its awesome features that you have access to. One of the things users will find useful is that they will be able to pin sub-sections of the Settings app to the Start Menu. From the Start Menu you can also take the shortcut of uninstalling an app you no longer need. Another strength of the new operation system lies in the built-in storage analyzer. The storage app is easily accessible through the Settings app from the Start Menu and gives you the possibility of choosing a certain driver for cleaning. One of the most interesting new features of Windows 10 is about logging into your computer based on biometric authentication (your fingerprint, face or iris). It’s a smart move from Microsoft that will allow us to interact with our devices in a more personal and secure way. Go on reading to find out other features the new operation system promises to delight its users with!

live-streaming-appsUseful Live Streaming Apps Event Planners Should Know About

All event planners are interested in getting their events shared online. Getting a glimpse of or taking part in the live experience altogether through online channels can be a good way of winning over new fans and even increasing revenues by introducing paywalls. Broadcasting live from an event is now available to both amateur and professional users. Some live streaming apps have taken it up a notch by enabling multiple live streams. They allow users to view different channels on one screen, to watch one single channel full-screen or switch easily to a different one. On the same screen, without interrupting their viewing experience, users can see other people’s live comments from different social media. Other live streaming apps offer a high level of security being specifically designed for confidential streamings within organizations. Here are four of the latest live streaming professional apps, each with their original features!

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density-traffic-monitorHow to Manage Traffic Data to Your Advantage

Counting people in and out of a place is not new. However, an inexpensive technology that transmits accurate real-time data about the traffic in your location without revealing any personal data about consumers is. Density has a built-in sensor that is placed at the entrance of a place (be it a gym, restaurant, library, fair booth or some other location). The Density API then communicates real-time traffic data to developers to integrate it into their websites. On one hand, businesses with low traffic can automatically activate discounts and special offers to drive more business in. On the other hand, people can use the traffic data to check the best hours to go to the gym or library to avoid the crowd. Check out more details, including how other companies benefited from Density so far!

event-planningWhat Problems Event Planners Should Be Looking out for

Preparing an event for success can be pretty difficult especially when you don’t have a large budget to swim in or enough (experienced) people on your team. Even when time’s not on your side, you can still find a way to manage it well if you invest the right resources at the right time. Are you overcrowded with tools for every thing you do? This too can add stress and make you spend valuable time on useless tools. Here are nine problems event planners should learn to tackle to make their planning process run smoothly. Eventually, great preparation pays off with great outcomes!

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team-statistics10 Interesting Facts about How Teams Work

Recent studies show that for a team to be effective it should have between 5 and 9 members. If it’s under 5 it may lack the diversity that keeps the ideas and the creativity flowing. If it’s above 9, there may be too little common ground, too many conflicts to handle and it can be hard getting all members equally involved. The team size also becomes a management problem after this critical point. Another interesting fact revealed by research is that it’s more effective for the team’s success to have members with different ways of thinking. Bouncing feedback from one another is the right way of handling a project. Check out other interesting facts about team communication and what makes it work!

What team communication tools are you using in your organization? What is your idea of effectively working as a team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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