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While travel might be exciting, event planners know that it can be tough at times. Thankfully, there are ways to ease the burden of travel. For one, you can offload some of the work to a destination management company.

And to get the least stress from travel, make the most out of high-end lounges to fight jet lag while only traveling with the top airlines.

And we’re also here to help! Check out our free event planning checklist to make sure your next event runs smoothly and stress-free.

Wipe the Rust off Those Trade Show Tools

Training is an important part of exhibitions since they prepare your team throughout the off-season to deal with the rigors of the events themselves. It’s not just about dealing with the potential customers that walk in. It’s also about creating engaging setups with an emphasis on accessibility and coming up with memorable stories that leave lasting impressions. It even takes care of your staff’s welfare by suggesting shorter shifts! This guide goes back to the trade show basics that every event prof needs to be aware of.

How to Ace Your Corporate Events

Corporate event management entails the creation of a meticulous and realistic plan. Knowing where to start can be a difficult task. Of course, the obvious place would be setting relevant goals, which should span not just one event but the whole series of them. Those should also be in line with the company goals. Managing your contacts, from your audience to security, is also important. Of course, there are the various tools of promotion and the whole registration affair which needs to be as smooth as possible. Nailing the attendee experience and proving your ROI would take the limelight later on. Sounds like a handful? Don’t worry, this guide lists down all you need to know!

Training is an important part of exhibitions, since they prepare your team throughout the off-season to deal with the rigors of the events themselves. Click To Tweet


From Event to Experience

Must-go-to events are all over these days. The only way to ensure people won’t forget your events is to turn them into lasting experiences. This means getting them talking about the event long after it’s ended. You can achieve this by leveling up your souvenirs into conversation pieces. Within the event, you can also turn them into something truly meaningful, while ensuring your events come with the maximum level of engagement. All these would require a careful study of both your demographics and your event goals, while also taking advantage of the local landscape.

Are You Using “Destination Management Companies”?

Getting deep into the local landscape and adding local flavor is a sure way to give your attendees a unique experience. But what if you don’t know the area that well? That’s where Destination Management Companies (DMCs) come into play. Instead of taking precious time scouting the area, let these companies craft a seamless local experience that lets your event stand out. As a plus, these companies can get the cultural aspect perfectly, just what you need for an unforgettable experiential event. They could also assist in the creative side of your events, from designing team building activities to checking items off of attendees’ bucket lists!

The Myths of Tech Restaurant Events

Restaurants and events are intricately linked, given that most events require restaurant catering and restaurants get up to 30% of their revenues from events. This synergy between the two industries could greatly benefit from having dedicated teams that have relevant events software at their disposal. If you don’t think software and related tech should come into play, check out this list of myths that many event managers need to unlearn to adopt event technology.

Tips for Turning Sponsorships to Big-Time Partnerships

Sponsorships thrive by having each party add value to another’s plate. This relationship can be upped even further by thinking completely out of the box and crafting events that stay with the attendees for a really long time. This can range from intimate celebrity encounters to non-traditional brand experiences. Put your sponsors front and center and give them an opportunity for exposure they could only get at your event.

The only way to ensure people won’t forget your events is to turn them into lasting experiences. Click To Tweet


Thinking of Activation? Try Going Vintage.

Activation is all about making an impact and standing out from the get-go. In the case of the Silver Lining Design group, that meant going back in time and getting a fully-renovated 1963 Airstream trailer. Dubbed SilverStream, this mobile eyecatcher has been the venue of various activations. It has been customized into a food truck, photo booth, and even a cocktail bar. Because it’s modular and offers a high degree of customizability, it can be turned into anything you want so you can turn heads at your event. The fact that this vintage wonder is a true icon of style doesn’t hurt either.

Custom Hashtags and Community Building

Hashtags have taken over the Internet. It’s most commonly used as a means to connect people to a single topic or experience. Aside from letting you make your mark amidst a burgeoning audience, you can also use a custom hashtag to define and strengthen your community. This way, people seeking to interact with you and your event could easily find each other and initiate a lively conversation. It’s a way for true relationships to form among your audience. Remember, this is best used after you have grown your community using conventional hashtags. This serves not just as a venue for talk, it also helps spread experiences that will ultimately be part of your brand’s identity.

Lounges That Combat Jet Lag

These days, high-end lounges feature such amenities as spas, yoga studios, meditation tools, and much more. This is the airline industries response to the threat of jet lag plaguing business and first-class travelers. As the world grows smaller through long hauls, various companies have incorporated cutting-edge lounge equipment into their services. Aside from benefiting traveling event professionals, these amenities are also lessons in innovation and creating unrivaled experiences for one’s guests.

Airlines and Airports, Ranked

Two of the three best airlines in the world hail out of the Middle East. Qatar Airways is at the top and UAE’s Etihad Airways in the third place. In the middle is Germany’s Lufthansa, which has also been noted for its “on air” event setups. Qatar also has the best international airport in Hamad, while Athens and Haneda (Tokyo) go second and third. In both airlines and airports, US entries fall behind. If you’re planning international events, take advantage of these top-of-the-line airports and airliners.



Ugh, jet lag. How do you cope with this uncomfortable feeling of being out of place and out of sync? Maybe you can share some personal hacks that help you fight jet lag in the comments.



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