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Customer Service Week: Sharing your Best and Worst Customer Experiences

By October 6, 2014April 5th, 2022No Comments

I think we can speak for everyone when we say, we all have that one story we like to abuse (and maybe over-stretch a bit) to compete with other friends’ stories of their worst customer service experiences, whether it is getting stuck on hold for an hour before talking to a real help desk representative about how to unwind your shirt sleeve from the garbage disposal or it’s Sunday night and your 6th grade child left a poster-board project until last minute, thinking you had glue sticks leftover from last project (which no one ever does so don’t feel bad) and you had to consequently drive to the craft store to get some (only it’s 5:53 pm and the store closes at 6:00 pm but the manager that night decided to not let you into the store, knowing full well that you were plenty capable of getting in and out by 5:58 pm). My point is that a bad customer experience is fairly common in the world and can range from minor to severe, potentially becoming detrimental to a company’s reputation. Unfortunately, bad customer service experiences run rampant in the events industry which makes us wonder why event planning is the 5th most stressful career in the country (cue audience laughter).

Nonetheless, at Endless, we do our best to exemplify and highlight uncommonly great customer service, therefore, we are making this year’s National Customer Service Week a big one (details to come later in the week; stay posted)!

In the meantime, we would love to hear from YOU about some of the greatest and worst customer service experiences you have undergone! Any response would be greatly appreciated for we are planning on featuring some of the responses we get on our Thursday blog post about how excellent customer service can make the difference not only in the business world but in your personal lives as well (title to be announced)! Wouldn’t you love to hear from everyone else who reads these articles?!

To submit your story, email me (Austin) via [email protected], or, if you feel comfortable, leave your story in the comments section! Even if you do not fancy yourself a fantastic writer, we can work out the details if you email me even just the roughest of outlines. Let’s make this a fun and exciting National Customer Service Week!

Austin Walker

Author Austin Walker

Austin is a man of many words, as expressed in the many blog posts he has thus published at Endless. What may not be evident about Austin, as seen from the readers' perspective, is that he is more-than-likely dancing, rather "busting a move," while working. And that, he takes all the pleasure in.

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